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VaKe – National Master Development Programme in the Context of Continuous Learning

Project information

NameVaKe – National Master Development Programme in the Context of Continuous Learning
PartnersHAMK (Coordinator), Haaga-Helia
FunderThe European Social Fund Plus (ESR+)

The VaKe project develops education leading to higher professional university degrees in Finland

The VaKe project aims to reform and develop Master studies educations (YAMK) as part of continuous learning, taking into account the changing needs of the working life. The project’s goal is to strengthen the pedagogical and research foundation, quality, relevance to working life, competencies of the universities of applied sciences staff, and national recognition through the collaboration of all universities of applied sciences.

Target Group

The target group includes YAMK education teachers, management of universities of applied sciences, continuous learning officers, and YAMK developers.

Target Area



Objective 1: Pedagogical skills and innovative education solutions
The VaKe project aims to enhance the pedagogical skills of YAMK teachers and experts. The goal is to develop student-centered and working life needs-based education solutions. The development work emphasizes flexible study opportunities that support studying alongside work.

Objective 2: R&D activities and collaboration with working life
The project seeks to improve the integration of R&D activities and collaboration with the working life into YAMK education. The aim is for theses and other studies to be more closely linked to the development of the working life, thereby enhancing students’ competencies and employability.

Objective 3: Accreditation of prior learning
The goal is to increase the practices of accreditation of prior learning in YAMK education, allowing students to utilize their work experience as part of their studies. The development work focuses on diversifying learning at workplaces and sharing best practices.

Objective 4: Cross-study opportunities
The project promotes cross-study opportunities between universities of applied sciences, aiming to create more flexible pathways for students. Cross-study allows students access to a wider range of courses and promotes networking.

Objective 5: Profiles of YAMK educations and common concepts
The VaKe project seeks to clarify and sharpen the profiles of YAMK degrees. The goal is to improve the recognition and esteem of the degrees in the labor and education markets while standardizing the terms and concepts used in education.

Each of these objectives is carried out in close cooperation with universities of applied sciences and other stakeholders. The project’s actions are planned and implemented using diverse methods, such as workshops, training, networking events, and peer learning. The VaKe project represents a comprehensive approach to promoting continuous learning and the development of YAMK education in Finland.

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