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Coordination project for the national ERDF themes for Green Transition

Luke, natural resources institute Finland. Lukelon kirjoitettu oranssilla tekstillä. Ylhäällä on sininen lehti.

Project information

ProjectCoordination project for the national ERDF themes for Green Transition
PartnersNatural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Häme University of Applied Sciences, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

The goal of the coordination project is to strengthen the effectiveness and success of the activities of the national themes of the green transition (energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change adaptation and mitigation and a carbon-neutral circular economy society) by supporting projects implementing the themes and facilitating cooperation between the projects and the themes.

The purpose of the coordination project is to support complementarity and synergies between national ERDF-projects and other activities at national and regional level. The coordination project organizes seminars as well as workshops for stakeholders. The project strengthens the cooperation between the applicants and operators for each theme and between the themes. The project is responsible for the internal and external communication of national ERDF-activities, gathering and spreading best practices on themes, as well as producing reports.

Target Group

Project applicants and partners, such as companies, municipalities and joint municipal authorities, other regional actors, higher education institutions, research institutes, and associations and foundations.

Operating region


Contact information

Olli voutilainen

Erikoistutkija, LUKE


harri määttä

Projektipäällikkö, Oamk