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Public Reseach Grant recipients were awarded

Häme Vocational Higher Education and Research Foundation sr. awards annually public research grants. The grants were awarded to Juha-Matti Torkkel and Omar Alshawwa.

The grants are awarded to support research and development activities that support the area of operation of Häme University of Applied Sciences or make use of the area. This year the foundation awarded two Young researcher grants of 5 000 euros, to Juha-Matti Torkkel and Omar Alshawwa (in the picture).

Juha-Matti Torkkel: Creating guidelines for developing adaptive and personalized MR and VR Learning Applications

MR and VR technologies have the opportunity to develop learning further. The content of these can take into account the needs, feelings, skill levels of each individual and adapt to them in real time. The research focuses on building guidelines for their devel-opment. An understanding of technology, pedagogy and substance is needed in the con-struction of instructions.

Omar Alshawwa: High strength Steel Tubular K-joints

A unique research project “High Strength Steel Tubular K-joints” funded by SSAB and Tampere University aims to lower burdens on high-strength steel’s usage. The project’s outcomes will boost the competitiveness of high-strength steel, benefiting SSAB and the Kanta-Häme region, with implications for broader economic growth and enhanced construction scene.

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