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Data privacy in research and RDI ethics

Data privacy and RDI ethics at HAMK

Data privacy practices and ethical principles are at the heart of our high quality research, development and innovation.

On this website, we have compiled information on data privacy in research and RDI ethics at HAMK.

Data privacy in research projects

Projects must also take into account the legislation on the processing of personal data. The general principles relating to the processing of personal data are:

  • Diligence
  • Use of secure tools and procedures
  • Collection of personal data relevant to the research
  • Purpose limitation
  • Wherever possible, research data will be anonymised or pseudonymised. However, pseudonymised data is still personal data. For international research projects, it is particularly important to anonymise data if the data are processed outside the EU/EEA.

Heigher education institutions and research institutes work together to prepare a code of conduct for research. This page and related guidelines will be updated as new guidelines become available.

HAMK’s detailed guidelines for data privacy are available on HAMK’s intranet (requires login)

RDI ethics

Each member of the HAMK community is responsible for complying with good research ethics, the responsible conduct of research guidelines defined by the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity TENK, the law, the contracts, and the guidelines given by HAMK.

  1. Everyone at HAMK is personally responsible for the legality and the ethicality of any material they produce.
  2. In case of thesis or RDI projects connected with studies, the supervisor makes sure that the student is familiar with the responsible conduct of research.
  3. The responsible director / project manager of a research project is responsible for good research ethics during the whole process.
  4. Each school is responsible for the implementation of these principles.

HAMK’s research integrity advisors are Janne Salminen and Sajal Kabiraj. Read more abour research ingegrity advisors on TENK’s website.

HAMK’s detailed guidelines for RDI ethics are available on HAMK’s intranet (requires login).