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A person has soil on palm. There is a field in the background.
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Research on sustainable bioeconomy

Our field of expertise is on sustainable bioeconomy. We focus on applied research and real actions that are ambitious, but also concrete and useful. 

For example, we have been developing sustainable and carbon-neutral urban infrastructures and digital applications for agriculture, and solving a number of challenges related to biogas production together with our partners. We are exploring the use and production of bio-based raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry and as colour pigments. 

We are conducting high-level soil research, developing regional and national biogas environments and building bioeconomy expertise with our international partners, for example, in Africa. Our modern biotechnology expertise contributes to the development of sustainable innovations, supports the creation of new business opportunities and provides tools to mitigate climate change. 

We provide our customers with laboratory research and analytical services, as well as applied research in horticulture and the built environment, such as tests of growth conditions and plant varieties in different growing environments. Our expertise is reflected in each of the HAMK’s research key ecosystems: SmartBio, SmartBuilt and SmartEdu

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