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Home Shaping the Future of Home Care Through Remote Solutions

Shaping the Future of Home Care Through Remote Solutions

Häme University of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, has launched a project that focuses on reforming future home care through remote care. The goal of the project is to address the growing challenges in home care, such as the increase in client numbers and the difficulties in workforce availability, by leveraging the opportunities offered by digitalization.

Remote care is a rapidly developing service model that provides new tools for supporting the home living of the elderly. However, this requires a new kind of expertise and approach to work from employees. The “Versatile Telehealth Services of the Future” project specifically focuses on developing the skills of workers and designing future remote care services to offer more effective and adaptable support to home care clients.

Towards better work well-being

One of the key objectives of the project is to improve the work well-being of remote care workers and, at the same time, enable people in different life situations, such as the elderly, those with work limitations, retirees, and workers with immigrant backgrounds, to continue working. This not only strengthens social sustainability but also supports the availability of the home care workforce and maintains the professional competence of the workers.

The project is implemented in cooperation with the Vantaa-Kerava and OmaHäme welfare regions, utilizing future research and foresight methods as well as peer learning. Our goal is to develop user-oriented remote care services that meet the needs of both workers and home care clients.

With this project, we aim to create new career paths for home care workers, reduce absences due to illness, and improve the possibilities for continuing in work. Additionally, the project will develop a digital, interactive self-assessment tool that helps workers identify and strengthen their own competence in remote care.

The “Versatile Telehealth Services of the Future” project is a step towards more sustainable home care. It not only improves the quality and availability of services but also supports the well-being and professional development of workers.

The project is co-funded by the European Union with a contribution of 412,848 euros. The total budget of the project is 550,463 euros.

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