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IT services at HAMK

The best way to contact IT services is through the ServiceDesk ticketing system, by calling or visiting the service desk directly.

Most used IT instructions

The EXAM examination system provides a flexible solution for electronic exams. Exams are taken by computer under automatic access, network, video and audio control.

Locations of the Exam aquariums

HAMK guidelines for students

HAMK’s instructions for students from other higher education institutions visiting for an exam

Other instructions

Lukkarikone is an online service that uses Peppi data to allow users to search for a timetable based on a group of students. Users can also search for implementations by implementation name or teacher. Students who are logged in can use the service to synchronise their timetables with their HAMK Outlook Online calendar.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, means using your own device when studying or working on university premises. Learning at HAMK can be independent of time and classroom space. Electronic learning materials are used for learning.

All students must have their own laptop. The operating system of the laptop should be Windows (64-bit). The professional software used at HAMK is Windows software.

Only some of the software used in the course can be used on the student’s own laptop and other software is used on HAMK computers. In particular, for more demanding data processing and certain special applications, computers from the university are also used, so that your own computer does not need to be particularly powerful.

When you are considering purchasing a computer, please take into account the recommendations of your degree programme regarding the features of the computers.

If you plan to use your employer’s computer for your studies, you must have administrator (admin) rights to the computer in order to install the software used for your studies.

The settings, applications and, above all, security of computers owned by the university are carefully managed, but the settings, applications and security of students’ own computers are the responsibility of the students themselves. We try to instruct the users of their own computers so that they know how to use the university’s IT services on their own computers and how to take care of the security of their computers.

In addition to your own computer, you’ll need headphones (for watching videos) and an external mouse (to make it easier to use applications), as well as a camera for tele-editing. Your computer is connected to the data projector via an hdmi cable, so make sure you have an hdmi (type A) socket on your computer or, if necessary, get an hdmi (type A) adaptor for your computer.

What are the requirements of distance learning on the computer set-up?

In many cases, learning is entirely distance and online. Students follow the lessons at home on their own computers. Students have their own computer and any peripherals at home. Distance learning is facilitated by the use of two monitors and a sufficiently powerful computer. In technical fields, the computer requirements for distance learning are increasing: at least 16 GB of memory and a sufficiently powerful graphics card.

How can students get help with problems using their own computers?

Students can get help with problems using their own computer, when it comes to using a computer or IT services for studying. Students can also always ask for advice and help with security or data protection issues.

Students can contact the ServiceDesk IT Service in the above cases either by phone (03 646 3000) or via the web form There is also a Servicedesk IT service point at the Hämeenlinna University Centre (on the 1st floor of the C building), where students can go for advice or help with problems using their computers.

Students will receive written instructions, the on-call officer will call the student, or the IT support officer will arrange a meeting with the student if this is necessary to deal with the matter. In general, the attempt will be made to deal with the matter by instructing the student.

Wireless network

HAMK has a comprehensive wireless network (WLAN), to which students can connect their laptops. You can use either eduroam (recommended) or HAMKvisitor, for which a separate password is available at the notice boards. Students can access the eduroam network with their own username and password. The Eduroam network is used by most Finnish higher education institutions and many European higher education institutions.

Data storage

Storage space is available at HAMK both for your own personal use (the so-called home directory) and for shared use on shared network disks. In addition, the OneDrive for Business cloud service is available. Synchronising the OneDrive service with your own computer can cause a local disk space to run out if you have uploaded large amounts of files to the cloud.

The Myfiles service also provides access to HAMK’s web drives from your own devices and from outside the school’s network via a web browser. The drives are also accessible remotely using the vdi-client. See remote connections.


Printing is possible from your own equipment to many of the printers in your school. Colour printing is also possible. Students have a printing quota, after which a fee is charged.

You can access Outlook by logging in from the HAMK homepage using the login link. You can find Outlook in the top left corner of the M365 waffle menu. Outlook as a whole includes email, calendar, people and tasks. You can also use the Outlook entity on mobile devices.

Outlook is part of Microsoft’s O365 service. The services covered by the Microsoft contract can all be found in the waffle menu. Please note the login instructions above the login field.

If necessary, the email message you send can be easily encrypted so that only the recipient can read the plain text. Outlook opens encrypted messages in the same way as unencrypted messages.

HAMK Outlook service

Microsoft Help

HAMK Guideline – Sending and receiving encrypted emails

Students start working on their thesis in Wihi by creating a topic proposal. After receiving a tutor, the student can design his/her own timetabled process for writing the thesis. The student can send messages to the supervisor and to the person doing the work, so that the different stages of the work are in one place. Finally, the student publishes the work and receives an evaluation on Wihi.

HAMK video instructions

You must register for each module you wish to take. The teacher can only give an assessment to a student who is enrolled. Students enrol for their studies in Pakki.

We recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Log in to Pakki with your student ID (HAMK ID and password). 

Log in to your own Pakki desktop and use the tools to plan your studies!

Take control of the student desktop Pakki from the very beginning of your studies and plan your learning path from day one to graduation. It has a wide range of tools to help you edit your schedule, track your progress, apply for jobs and update your own information.

Through a Pakki you can:

  • update your residential address, your email address and your phone number
  • review and edit your personal study plan (HOPS), based on your group’s curriculum
  • add comments to your HOPS and send messages to your supervisor and teachers about HOPS-related issues
  • you can add optional studies to your HOPS from the entire HAMK curriculum.
  • enrol for studies
  • see the ratings you have received
  • create electronically signed documents (transcript of records and study certificate)
  • apply for credit for previous knowledge and studies using the RPL tool
  • you apply for a language exemption for a justified reason using the RPL tool
  • you can book an appointment with a study counsellor
  • plan the timing and workload of your own studies
  • you can send the completion of a cross-study (e.g. CampusOnline) to Pakk for registration
  • you can see the timetables of your studies
  • access the thesis management system Wihi
  • you can apply for graduation at the Valo graduation service.

The Pakki also allows you to compare the learning outcomes of the modules with the skills you have already acquired. If you notice similarities in your objectives and competences, check out the RPL process for accreditation and evidence.

Log in

Open your browser and add to the address bar.

We recommend using the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge. Log in to Pakki with your student ID (HAMK ID and password).

Change the language to English from the upper right corner.

Electronically signed documents, e.g. transcript of records

  1. Log in to Pakki with your HAMK username and password.
  2. From the desktop, select Documents and then New order.
  3. The list includes all documents that can currently be electronically signed.
  4. Select the option you want, the language of the document and Subscribe.
  5. Go to the Documents tab. The latest document will appear on the first page.
  6. You can open/download a document by pressing the document name.
  7. Document either
    • opened in a browser or
    • it goes into your browser’s downloads folder or
    • it is opened with the default program.
  8. Save the document on your computer and, if necessary, send it on as an attachment to an email, for example.
  9. The recipient verifies the authenticity of the document according to the instructions at the end of the electronically signed document.

If you notice any gaps, for example in your transcript, please contact

PSP i.e. personal study plan

Pakki instructions: PSP
Including selection of modules and scheduling

RPL i.e. Recognition of prior learning

Pakki instructions: RPL (in PDF format)

  • Credit transfer of prior higher education studies
    In this video tutorial, you will learn how to apply for the recognition and accreditation of your prior studies.
  • Work experience to credits
    In this video tutorial, you will learn how to apply for the recognition and accreditation of your prior work experience. 
    N.B. Consult your student counsellor before applying because work placement is usually a part of normal studying and does not require filling in any applications.
  • RPL for non-academic competence (e.g. Scout training)
    In this video tutorial, you will learn how to apply for the recognition of prior learning in Scout training or in some other non-academic activities. 
  • Exemption from language studies
    In this video tutorial, you will learn how to apply for an exemption of language studies.  

Transfer of Cross-insitutional (for example CampusOnline) studies to Pakki

You can transfer completed cross-institutional studies from another university to HAMK with this form.

The link to the form can also be found in Pakki:

  • From the top menu under the heading ‘Studies’
  • From the study links ‘Transfer of Cross-Institutional Studies to Pakki’

You have to sign in to the form by using HAKA login. Select Häme University of Applied Sciences from the list and use your HAMK ID. The form has more detailed instructions for making the transfer.

The completed course(s) must have been studied during your degree studies at HAMK. Cross-institutional courses are offered by CampusOnline, KiVaNet, Climate University and other Cross-Institutional Study -networks.

For any other grades, please fill in the RPL application in Pakki.

Please note that the bachelor’s level studies cannot be included to the master’s degree.

A forgotten password can be renewed in the HAMK Authentication Service if the person has access to a bank account or mobile account. Please remember that the password used in HAMK systems may not be used in other services.

HAMK Login Service (password change)

The student mobile app Tuudo is free and can be downloaded from the Android, iOS and Huawei AppGallery app stores.

The app allows us to offer students a comprehensive and modern service package, where you can, for example.

  • view your personal study plan
  • register for implementations
  • keep track of your credit accumulation
  • check your timetable and status information
  • reserve working space
  • manage library affairs: borrowing, renewing loans, etc.
  • study campus maps
  • check the menu of your campus restaurant (not working yet at all campuses, unfortunately).
  • read news on various topics (student services, student services, library, student welfare, information management)
  • follow the news of the student union HAMKO.

Availability at: Google PlayApp Store ja Huawein AppGallery

Tuudo makes it easier to manage your student life!

Here’s how to set up Tuudo:

  1. Download Tuudo from your app store.
  2. Open the app and select HAMK from the list.
  3. Select “Login with your institution’s ID”.
  4. Log in with your short username and password and start using!

If you have technical problems using Tuudo, please email for help.

Learn is HAMK’s official online learning environment, where students have access to module-related materials, discussions, group work and assignments.

Learn is a Moodle-based e-learning environment, so some instructions may also refer to Moodle.

You can log in to HAMK Learn at

Go to HAMK Learn guidelines

Students have access to Teams for remote meetings and group work. For distance learning, the Zoom cloud service is also used for online sessions, depending on the course. Teams requires installation on your own computer to use all its features and can be downloaded from the web.

For more information:

You can see the official HAMK messages on Viva Engage. Viva engage can be used in a browser or installed on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play. You have to join Viva engage groups yourself.

The following groups are recommended to join:

  • HAMKin opiskelijat (in finnish) and HAMK Students
  • Palvelukatkot // Service Breaks 
  • education and campus groups

Read the HAMK Viva engage Terms of Use on the Viva engage homepage.

Viva engage is part of Microsoft’s M365 service. All Microsoft services can be found in the waffle menu. Please note the login instructions above the login box.

Open and log in to HAMK’s Viva engage.

HAMK guidelines

Microsoft instructions

Webropol allows you to conduct web-based surveys and report on the results. It is available to HAMK and HAMI students and staff with HAMK/HAMI usernames. A more detailed manual can be found on the Webropol home page once you are logged in to the service.​​

HAMK digital pedagogical guide for webropol surveys

Can’t find some of the instructions?

We are revising the set of IT guidelines and some of them are still under development on our desk. We have tried to add all the most popular guidelines to the website, but if there is still a instruction you are missing, please contact us in a ServiceDesk!


Contact us through ServiceDesk

Avoid queuing and send us a ticket with your problem. Include a title describing the problem and a detailed description of the issue/problem.

In the ServiceDesk, select a category:
IT-palvelut / IT Services

Give us a call or come to see us

Call +358 3 646 3000

We serve students by phone on weekdays from 8.15-15

If necessary, please visit the IT ServiceDesk of the Hämeenlinna University Centre (C-building, 1st floor).

The service point is open for students on weekdays from 10 – 14