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IT services at HAMK

The best way to contact IT services is through the ServiceDesk ticketing system, by calling or visiting the service desk directly.

Most used IT instructions

You cannot activate a HAMK user ID before you have received the related email.

For more information on how to activate an HAMK user ID

First, check that you are logged in or trying to log in with your HAMK login and not for example of username of your workplace or personal account.

You can also create your own profile in your browser using your school IDs. This way they won’t get mixed up with other Microsoft IDs and your settings will be saved. The links below will take you to the browser-specific instructions on how to create a profile in your browser:

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

A forgotten password can be renewed in the HAMK Authentication Service if the person has access to a bank account or mobile account. Please remember that the password used in HAMK systems may not be used in other services.

HAMK Login Service (password change)

The EXAM examination system provides a flexible solution for electronic exams. Exams are taken by computer under automatic access, network, video and audio control.

Locations of the Exam aquariums and HAMK guidelines for taking the exams

Lukkarikone is an online service that uses Peppi data to allow users to search for a timetable based on a group of students. Users can also search for implementations by implementation name or teacher. Students who are logged in can use the service to synchronise their timetables with their HAMK Outlook Online calendar.

Instructions for Schedules

BYOD means Bring Your Own Device, means using your own device when studying or working on university premises. Learning at HAMK can be independent of time and classroom space. Electronic learning materials are used for learning.

All students must have their own laptop. The operating system of the laptop should be Windows (64-bit). The professional software used at HAMK is Windows software.

Only some of the software used in the course can be used on the student’s own laptop and other software is used on HAMK computers. In particular, for more demanding data processing and certain special applications, computers from the university are also used, so that your own computer does not need to be particularly powerful.

Students can get help with problems using their own computer, when it comes to using a computer or IT services for studying. Students can also always ask for advice and help with security or data protection issues.

Students can contact the ServiceDesk IT Service in the above cases either by phone (03 646 3000) or via the web form There is also a Servicedesk IT service point at the Hämeenlinna University Centre (on the 1st floor of the C building), where students can go for advice or help with problems using their computers.

Students will receive written instructions, the on-call officer will call the student, or the IT support officer will arrange a meeting with the student if this is necessary to deal with the matter. In general, the attempt will be made to deal with the matter by instructing the student.

HAMK has a comprehensive wireless network (WLAN), to which you can connect your own laptop as a student. You can use either the recommended Eduroam or HAMKvisitor, for which a separate password is available at the notice boards. Not all student IT services are available via the HAMKvisitor network.

The dorms also have a dorm wireless network, which you can use when you are a resident in the dorm.

You can access the Eduroam network with your own username and password. The Eduroam network is used by most Finnish universities and many European universities. The Eduroam network is the best way to access your school’s IT services.

During the course of your studies, you will create and process a large number of files. It is therefore worth paying attention to the layout or organisation of files from the outset, so that files can be found when they are needed and unnecessary files can be deleted. An important file should always be stored on a network drive or in the cloud so that it is not lost in the event of a computer crash or loss. As soon as you start your studies, create a file organisation template that you will use throughout your studies.

When can a local hard disk drive be used?

Do not save important files, such as texts or spreadsheets, on the local hard disk drive (usually C: and/or D:). The computer desktop is also located on the local hard disk drive. Save only files that you can find elsewhere or that are not important on the local hard disk drive.

Network disk drives and their remote access

When you log on to your school computer, you will have access to the following network drives

​P: – storage location for personal files

U: – student shared network drive

If you are using your own computer, you can find the network drives on the MyFiles file service at, where you log in with your user name. You can save files from your computer to the service and download files from the service to your computer.

OneDrive-storage service

OneDrive for Business is the best place to store files when you are working on your own computer or when you want to work on a file with (share) another student. You can also use OneDrive on your school’s computers. You can find instructions on how to use OneDrive on this page.

OneDrive is easiest to use with the OneDrive desktop app, which will show up as a single drive in the computer’s file manager. The desktop app comes pre-installed on Windows 10 PCs and is installed with Office 365 on others.

You can find the Microsoft 365 guidelines here.

Sending large files

Funet Filesender is a service for sending large files. Both sending and receiving can be done using a normal web browser without installing any software. The service is not intended for file storage, but files are deleted from the distribution after a certain period of time. It is possible to send files of several gigabytes in size via the service. The service can be found at

The information needed to receive the file to be transferred via the service is sent to the recipient as a standard e-mail message. Anyone who receives the notification message can retrieve the file to be transferred from the service.

For information on the processing of personal data (identification of sender and recipients) necessary to use the service, please read the privacy policy of the service.

More information about the Funet Filesender service (including user manual)

Funet Filesender Privacy Policy

Printing on your school computer

The nearest network printer is usually pre-installed on the school’s computers, where you can print to.

Printing from your own devices

Printing as an email attachment, EmailPrint

  • See the online printer’s info sheet for the email address of the printer or scan the QR code. The most common KonicaMino devices are hosted at The print job must be unlocked separately with your own login/password.
  • Send a printable PDF, MS Office or image file as an email attachment to the printer.
  • The message must be sent from the HAMK mailbox. The email has a size limit of 25 Mb, if you want to print larger files see below under “Printing from a web page, WebPrint”
  • You will receive an email acknowledging that your print job has been accepted (or possibly rejected).

Print large files from a web page, WebPrint

  • The computer must be connected to the eduroam WLAN network on the HAMK campus
  • Go to the web browser to
    • ​​​​​​​NOTE: ​​​​​​​Skip browser warningsand open the page!
  • Log in with your HAMK username and password – Web Print page opens
  • Select the printer you want from the list and click Print Options and Account Selection
  • Click Upload Documents
  • Upload the files you want to print to the server using Upload from computer or drag and drop the files you want to print to the screen. Note: Only PDF, MS Office and image files can be printed in this way.
  • Click Upload & Complete
  • The file will be printed on the printer of your choice

Converting documents to pdf

Printing is best done when the file is in PDF format. If you cannot save directly from the program in PDF format, you can print the document as a PDF file by selecting the appropriate ODF printer, e.g. Microsoft Print to PDF, Adobe PDF or PDF Creator, depending on which applications are installed on your computer.

Printing quota for students

Students have a printing quota, which should be enough for the prints they need for their studies. If the student’s print quota is not sufficient, the student can request an additional print quota with justification (open a case in ServiceDesk). The prices of printouts for students are:

Print_typeLaser printersMultifunctional equipment
Black & white A42 snt1 snt
Black & white A34 snt2 snt
Coloured A415 snt10 snt
Coloured A330 snt20 snt

Oppilaitoksen tietokoneissa on yleensä valmiiksi asennettuna lähin verkkotulostin, jonne voit tulostaa.

Tulostaminen omilta laitteilta

Tulostaminen sähköpostin liitteenä, EmailPrint

  • Katso verkkotulostimen infolapusta ko. tulostimen sähköpostiosoite tai skannaa QR-koodi. Yleisimmät KonicaMinolta laitteet toimivat osoitteella. Tulostustyö pitää vapauttaa erikseen omilla tunnuksilla/kulkutunnisteella.
  • Lähetä tulostettava PDF-, MS Office- tai kuvatiedosto sähköpostin liitteenä tulostimelle.
  • Viesti pitää lähettää HAMK sähköpostilaatikosta. Sähköpostissa on 25 Mb kokorajoitus, jos haluat tulostaa isompia tiedostoja katso alempaa kohta “Tulostaminen verkkosivulta, WebPrint”
  • Sähköpostiisi tulee kuittaus että tulostustyö on otettu vastaan (tai mahdollisesti hylätty).

Isojen tiedostojen tulostaminen verkkosivulta, WebPrint

  • Tietokone tulee olla kytkettynä eduroam WLAN-verkkoon HAMKin kampuksella
  • Mene web-selaimella osoitteeseen
    • ​​​​​​​HUOM: ​​​​​​​Ohita selaimen varoitukset ja avaa sivu!
  • Kirjaudu sisään omilla HAMK käyttäjätunnuksillasi – Web Print sivu aukeaa
  • Valitse listasta haluamasi tulostin ja klikkaa Print Options and Account Selection
  • Klikkaa Upload Documents
  • Lataa tulostettavat tiedostot palvelimelle Upload from computer -toiminnolla tai raahaa halutut tiedostot ruudulle. Huom: Vain PDF, MS Office ja kuvatiedostoja voi tulostaa tällä tavalla.
  • Klikkaa Upload & Complete
  • Tiedosto tulostetaan valitsemallesi tulostimelle

Dokumenttien muuntaminen pdf-tiedostoksi

Tulostaminen onnistuu parhaiten kun tiedosto on PDF-muodossa. Jos ohjelmasta ei voi suoraan tallentaa PDF-muodossa, voi dokumentin tulostaa PDF-tiedostoksi valitsemalla tulostimeksi sopivan ODF-tulostimen, esim. Microsoft Print to PDF, Adobe PDF tai PDF Creator riippuen mitä sovelluksia tietokoneelle on asennettu.

Opiskelijoiden tulostuskiintiö

Opiskelijoilla on tulostuskiintiö, jonka pitäisi riittää opiskelussa tarvittaviin tulosteisiin. Jos opiskelijan tulostuskiintiö ei riitä, niin opiskelija voi anoa itselleen lisää tulostuskiintiötä perusteluineen (avaa tapaus ServiceDeskiin). Tulosteiden hinnat opiskelijoille ovat:

Mustavalko A42 snt1 snt
Mustavalko A34 snt2 snt
Värillinen A415 snt10 snt
Värillinen A330 snt20 snt

You can access Outlook by logging in from the HAMK homepage using the login link. You can find Outlook in the top left corner of the M365 waffle menu. Outlook as a whole includes email, calendar, people and tasks. You can also use the Outlook entity on mobile devices.

Outlook is part of Microsoft’s O365 service. The services covered by the Microsoft contract can all be found in the waffle menu. Please note the login instructions above the login field.

If necessary, the email message you send can be easily encrypted so that only the recipient can read the plain text. Outlook opens encrypted messages in the same way as unencrypted messages.

HAMK Outlook service

Microsoft Help

HAMK Guideline – Sending and receiving encrypted emails

Take control of your student desktop in Pakki from the very beginning of your studies and plan your learning path from day one to graduation. It has a wide range of tools to help you edit your schedule, track your progress, apply for jobs and update your personal information.

We recommend using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Log in

Open your browser and add to the address bar.

Log in to Pakki with your HAMK username.

After logging in, you will see the Pakki desktop and can use the tools to plan your studies!

Through the Pakki:

  • update your residential address, your email address and your phone number
  • review and edit your personal study plan (HOPS), based on the curriculum of your group
  • add comments to your HOPS and send messages to your supervisor and teachers about HOPS-related issues
  • you can add electives to your HOPS from the entire HAMK curriculum
  • register for studies
  • see the assessments you have received
  • you can give feedback in Spark
  • create electronically signed documents (transcript of records and study certificate)
  • apply for accreditation of previous knowledge and studies using the RPL tool
  • use the RPL tool to request an exemption from language studies for a justified reason
  • you can book an appointment with a study adviser
  • plan the timing and workload of your studies
  • send your cross-study results (e.g. CampusOnline) to Pakk for registration
  • see your timetable
  • access the thesis management system Wihi
  • you can apply for graduation in the Valo graduation service.

Pakki video tutorials: My profile

Pakki instructions: Credit transfer of exchange studies

The Pakki also allows you to compare the learning outcomes of the modules with the skills you have already acquired. If you notice similarities in your objectives and competences, check out the RPL process for accreditation and evidence.

  1. Log in to Pakki with your HAMK username and password.
  2. From the desktop, select Documents and then New order.
  3. The list includes all documents that can currently be electronically signed.
  4. Select the option you want, the language of the document and Subscribe.
  5. Go to the Documents tab. The latest document will appear on the first page.
  6. You can open/download a document by pressing the document name.
  7. Document either
    • opened in a browser or
    • it goes into your browser’s downloads folder or
    • it is opened with the default program.
  8. Save the document on your computer and, if necessary, send it on as an attachment to an email, for example.
  9. The recipient verifies the authenticity of the document according to the instructions at the end of the electronically signed document.

    If you notice any gaps, for example in your transcript, please contact

Students start working on their thesis in Wihi by creating a topic proposal. After receiving a tutor, the student can design his/her own timetabled process for writing the thesis. The student can send messages to the supervisor and to the person doing the work, so that the different stages of the work are in one place. Finally, the student publishes the work and receives an evaluation on Wihi.

Read more about the thesis process in here.

HAMK video instructions

The student mobile app Tuudo is free and can be downloaded from the Android, iOS and Huawei AppGallery app stores.

The app allows us to offer students a comprehensive and modern service package, where you can, for example.

  • view your personal study plan
  • register for implementations
  • keep track of your credit accumulation
  • check your timetable and status information
  • reserve working space
  • manage library affairs: borrowing, renewing loans, etc.
  • study campus maps
  • check the menu of your campus restaurant (not working yet at all campuses, unfortunately).
  • read news on various topics (student services, student services, library, student welfare, information management)
  • follow the news of the student union HAMKO.

Availability at: Google PlayApp Store ja Huawein AppGallery

Tuudo makes it easier to manage your student life!

Here’s how to set up Tuudo:

  1. Download Tuudo from your app store.
  2. Open the app and select HAMK from the list.
  3. Select “Login with your institution’s ID”.
  4. Log in with your short username and password and start using!

If you have technical problems using Tuudo, please email for help.

Learn is HAMK’s official online learning environment, where students have access to module-related materials, discussions, group work and assignments.

Learn is a Moodle-based e-learning environment, so some instructions may also refer to Moodle.

You can log in to HAMK Learn at

Go to HAMK Learn guidelines

Students have access to Teams for remote meetings and group work. For distance learning, the Zoom cloud service is also used for online sessions, depending on the course. Teams requires installation on your own computer to use all its features and can be downloaded from the web.

For more information:

You can see the official HAMK messages on Viva Engage. Viva Engage can be used in a browser or installed on your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play. You have to join Viva Engage groups yourself.

The following groups are recommended to join:

  • HAMKin opiskelijat (in finnish) or HAMK Students
  • Palvelukatkot // Service Breaks 
  • education and campus groups

Read the HAMK Viva Engage Terms of Use on the Viva Engage homepage.

Viva Engage is part of Microsoft’s M365 service. All Microsoft services can be found in the waffle menu. Please note the login instructions above the login box.

Open and log in to HAMK’s Viva engage.

HAMK guidelines

Microsoft instructions

Webropol allows you to conduct web-based surveys and report on the results. It is available to HAMK and HAMI students and staff with HAMK/HAMI usernames. A more detailed manual can be found on the Webropol home page once you are logged in to the service.​​

HAMK digital pedagogical guide for webropol surveys

Students have the possibility to use virtual computers (so-called vdi workstations), which can also be accessed from outside HAMK. This means that almost all services and applications available on the HAMK network are accessible. For basic information on the use of virtual machines, please contact the module teacher.

The VDI service is accessed using the VMware Horizon Client software, which connects to For installation instructions of the VMware Horizon client, click here.

All completed work must be saved to HAMK’s network drives (P:, S:, U:) or to the OneDrive for Business cloud storage service, as unsaved work will be lost at the end of the VDI session and cannot be restored.

For instructions on how to log in to the VDI workstation, click here.

IT rules and guidelines

Need more specific IT rules or security guidelines? You can find them all in one place at the link below.


Contact us through ServiceDesk

Avoid queuing and send us a ticket with your problem. Include a title describing the problem and a detailed description of the issue/problem.

In the ServiceDesk, select a category:
IT-palvelut / IT Services

Give us a call or come to see us

Call +358 3 646 3000

We serve students by phone on weekdays from 8.15-15

If necessary, please visit the IT ServiceDesk of the Hämeenlinna University Centre (C-building, 1st floor).

The service point is open for students on weekdays from 10 – 14

Frequently asked questions

Before sending a ticket or making a call, see if you can find the answer here.

Go to page and start using two-factor authentication.

Log in via and authenticate with your bank details or light authentication. You can find out your HAMK user ID and change your password there.

To speed up the resolution of the problem, please make a ticket where you include right away your username and birthday.

Try logging in again at and from there login via HAMK-login.

The solution to this is often the traditional log out and log back in. Also check that you are logged in with your HAMK username. If that doesn’t help, then make us a ticket request and tell that you already tried to log out and log back in.

Remember to register to get your student licence working. If this doesn’t help, write a ticket stating as clearly as possible what you have already done.

the password for the hamkvisitor network is hamkvisitor. To enter Eduroam (using a computer) + HAMK password.

We recommend using the Learn environment via the browser. There may be sometimes problems with the application.

If you are a HAMK student, you should make a ticket.

Cross-Institutional Students should make sure that you are logged in with the correct credentials, as the browser may try to log you in with the wrong credentials. The solution may be to use a different browser for cross-institutional studies or an incognito/private browser window so that the browser does not offer the default login. If the problem is not solved by checking the login, please make a ticket detailing as much as possible the steps you have already taken and the course that is not showing up.