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Activate your student ID

Activate your student ID

When you have registered as a student in the study path or directly for a course of study in the Open University of Applied Sciences, you have been created a HAMK student ID and will receive an email message about the activation of the ID and the introduction of two-step authentication.

You will not be able to activate your ID until you receive the “HAMK ID activation” email from “Identity Services (no reply)“.

Once you have received the email, your ID will be ready for activation. Please note that automated messages may end up in your spam folder.

For more information and help with problems, contact the ServiceDesk.

You must activate your student ID yourself well before the start of your studies.

To get your account working, do the two things below:

  1. Activate your username before starting your studies
    Guide to activate your ID (pdf)
  2. Activate two-step authentication, i.e. mfa (multifactor authentication)
    Guide to implementing two-factor authentication (pdf)

Please note that if it is less than 28 days since your previous study permit expired, you may not receive a message and your account will continue to be valid as normal.

User IDs will not be sent to you by email, you can find out your ID from the HAMK Authentication Service, so remember to take your ID down during the activation process.

The username is

You can use the same ID to log in to your student email, your Moodle workspace and to use HAMK’s IT services. You can also log in to Google cloud services with your username, which is