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HAMK uses both paper and electronic examinations. Electronic examinations can be organised either in an exam quiz using the EXAM system or in Learn-moodle, depending on the course.

HAMK uses electronic examinations in an EXAM studio with the EXAM system. The EXAM system adds flexibility to the examination process, as it is possible to take exams, re-exams and maturity tests.

For more information on exams and re-exam options, please look at the Learn or consult your teacher.

HAMK has four exam centres in Forssa, Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski. The facilities are intended for exams and maturity tests. Exam visits for students from other universities are available in Hämeenlinna.

Opening hours and authentication

The opening hours of the EXAM studios are displayed directly in the EXAM system when you book an exam.

HAMK’s own students can take their exams Mon-Sun from 8.00-21.30 in the HAMK EXAM studios. NOTE! In Valkeakoski you will always need an access code. The exam visit is open Mon-Fri from 8.00-16.00 for students from other universities.

During the summer, the EXAM studios are closed from Midsummer week until the end of July.

When booking an exam time, please take into account the opening hours of the HAMK offices. At the Hämeenlinna University of Applied Sciences, the doors are generally only open during office hours, otherwise access to the external doors is by access badge. Please check the list below for opening hours of the other campuses.

Hämeenlinna University Centre the access badge can be obtained from the HAMKO office. In the other campuses access badge can be obtained from the info desk or the caretaker. Please note that in Valkeakoski you will always need an access badge.

EXAM is nationally restricted from two-step authentication. You always log in to EXAM with your university ID and password, and EXAM does not ask for confirmation from your phone. Therefore, you may not bring your phone into EXAM and it is not required for EXAM transactions.

Locations of the EXAM studios


D-150, Building D, 1st floor, next to the canteen. For exam visitors, the space is open Mon-Fri from 8.00-16.00

Entrance from the main entrances of building N or from the entrance of building D on the Visakaarte side. When entering from the Visakaarte side, the exam room is on the same floor. There is a lift from the N building.

  • 6 computers
  • accessible workstation
  • possibility of exam visits for students from other universities


C-4011, entrance from door C, 4th floor (open Mon-Fri 7.30-16, excluding holidays)

  • 2 computers
  • No accessible workstations


B-218, entrance from the main entrance, 2nd floor (main entrance open Mon-Fri 8-14, excluding holidays)

  • 3 computers
  • accessible workstation


A-147, Building A, 1st floor (access code always required)

  • 2 computers
  • accessible workstation

EXAM student visit

As a student of HAMK, you can make reservations for other universities participating in the Exam Visiting Network.

Log in to HAMK EXAM, register for the EXAM system as usual, select the exam location from the other university’s exam library and book an exam time.

As a non-HAMK student, you always register for the exam and make an appointment at your own university’s EXAM.

The EXAM studio is located in the Hämeenlinna University Centre and is open Mon-Fri from 8.00-16.00

The exam room can be accessed by lift or directly from the street level. One workstation in the exam room is accessible.

Please note that:

Individual arrangements are the responsibility of the student’s home university.

HAMK does not allow you to take paper exams from other universities as a visit.

Supervision and cheating in the exam

Always take official identification with you. A member of HAMK staff can check your identity in the exam room or in the immediate vicinity.

The exam room has real-time video and audio recording surveillance. You can enter the exam room up to five minutes before the start of the exam. EXAM-system works only with your personal login.

The same rules and guidelines apply to an EXAM-system as to any other exam or coursework. Any fraudulent activity is strictly prohibited and any suspected fraud will be dealt with in accordance with the official HAMK guidelines.

Examples of misconduct include, but are not limited to, copying another examiner’s answer, using a telephone during an exam, talking or cooperating during an exam. If a student commits cheating, they will be immediately removed from the session and their performance will be disqualified.

The test ends when you leave this mode.

Software and peripherals available on the exam computer

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Irfanview
  • MathCad
  • Media player classic
  • Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), English versions only, no proofreading
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Notepad++
  • TI-Nspire
  • Windows calculator
  • 7zip
  • drawing screen on some machines


To be able to take part in the medicine revalidation tests, you must first take part in the official medicine revalidation tests of the module, and complete the revalidation tests within the module. You will then be able to take part in the renewal of the medicine exams.

Information for planning your studies