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Marketing Team

Join HAMK Marketing Team and become a part of a our community. Marketing Team is open for all HAMK students regardless of campus or degree programme.

If you are interested in attending different events with HAMK’s name on your chest, then you’re the one we’re looking for! Scroll down for more information.

I joined the Marketing Team with a little doubt in my mind, but it was worth it as I was able to excel myself! I got rid of my stage fright, found my inner marketer, found new friends and was inspired by communications in a totally new way.

The skills I obtained have been useful when I applied for work. In many job interviews I’ve received positive feedback for my Marketing Team experience.

Roosa Mäntyneva
HAMK alumni
Business Administration

Not the typical credits

HAMK Marketing Team is a different and fun way of learning. You will learn of different ways to market and communicate by doing, trying and sparring together. No exams or essays!

Presentations, events and meetings with students from all around HAMK give you a chance to network and to input some fun into your studies.

Become a stronger performer

Learn to be a relaxed and a natural performer by practicing performing with HAMK Marketing Team in events – and getting relaxed feedback while doing so. In this supporting environment you get new skills and confidence to become a stronger performer!

HAMK Marketing Team offers many opportunities to practice your performance skills with other students in an easy way. If public appearances have been scary for you, this team lets you try different situations and choose the ones that you feel comfortable with. Enhance your skills step by step by taking more and more advanced performing situations in your own pace.

Communicate better

Your professional communication skills develop, and you will learn to tell about your industry in a clear and understandable way. This can be beneficial both in multidisciplinary workplaces and in a party when people ask you about your studies.

Build your CV

Being part of the HAMK Marketing Team offers you valuable experience which you can utilize when looking for a job. You will learn about hands-on marketing skills and develop your presentation skills which both are important factors for modern work life – regardless of your field.

When promoting your own degree programme, you will learn to better bring out your own professional knowledge and what you have learned during your studies. This will also help you when you start looking for jobs in your field.

After you have completed the HAMK Marketing Team studies, you will get a certificate which you can utilize when applying for a job.

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Marketing Team is hosted by HAMk’s Marketing Communications