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Student is watching to the camera over her shoulder and smiling.

Student Wellbeing

Here at HAMK we care about you and we want to invest in your wellbeing!

Student Wellbeing Services are available on all HAMK campuses. 

Contact us by email or phone. Appointments can be arranged via Teams, Zoom  or face to face on any HAMK campus. 

The best way to contact the student wellbeing staff is via email. You can directly email the expert you prefer, or if you’re unsure whom to contact, you can send an email to the shared address.

Contact information

There are many things that affect our wellbeing. To feel good, we need things in our everyday life, such as work, hobbies, challenges, social relationships and happiness. As said in HAMK’s strategy, HAMK cares for its students and puts effort in their wellbeing.

To support students’ wellbeing, HAMK offers the services of a special needs teacher, study psychologist, student welfare officer and coordinator of sport services. They work on all HAMK’s campuses in cooperation with tutor teachers, study counsellors, nurses, pastors and everyone connected to student services.

Contact study psychologist if you have difficulties e.g. with coping, stress, anxiety or motivation on your studies. Or you need tips on your time management or self efficacy. Psychologist can provide individual conversation support and guidance on 1-5 appointments.

The study psychologist also guides towards further services if there is a need, for example, to seek treatment or therapy services. If the situation is mentally acute, particularly burdensome, and requires therapeutic and long-term assistance, it is advisable to contact directly the health services provided by FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service).

The special needs teacher works as a contact person for equality in studies. He is also responsible for organizing individual arrangements for students who need support in studying. Individual arrangements are also available for people who apply to study at HAMK in their entrance examination.  You can also contact special needs teacher if you need support or tips for example on your study techniques, time management or other study skills.

Student welfare officer you can contact if you have worries for example in your studies, everyday life, your own well-being, financial situation or social relationships.

At HAMK, we want to provide you with the most comprehensive and high-quality exercise opportunities possible. Student and staff sports activities are coordinated and developed by Hamk Moves. You can contact the coordinator of sport services for any matters related to exercise; feedback and improvement suggestions are more than welcome. The Coordinator of sport services can provide individual guidance to enhance physical study capabilities.