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Student Union of Häme University of Applied Sciences – HAMKO

HAMKO is a student-oriented and effective advocate for students at all seven HAMK campuses: Hämeenlinna, Lepaa, Valkeakoski, Forssa, Riihimäki, Evo and Mustiala.

HAMKO promotes and protects the interests of students

  • One of the most important tasks of the Student Union is to make students’ opinions heard and to act as an advocate for students by representing students in internal working groups of HAMK
  • By lobbying local policymakers
  • Ensuring student representation, e.g. in the university administration
  • In addition to student advocacy, HAMKO maintains an active student culture by organising various events and training tutors

Membership and member benefits

Become a member and make the most of your study time! As a HAMKO member, you have the opportunity to influence your studies and student life. As a member you can, for example, stand for and vote in the elections for the Student Council and apply for a seat on the Student Union Board.

As a member, you will receive a student card, which is a certificate of student status and it gives you access to thousands of student discounts and benefits all over Finland. You can also get student credit, i.e. overalls, at a lower price as a member of HAMKO. In addition to the plastic student card, HAMKO members can also use the Pivo digital student card.

As a member, you can also train as a tutor and play your part in helping and guiding new students and organising events.

Who can become a member?

All HAMK students studying for a degree, and who are present and studying in education leading to a degree can join HAMKO. Including part-time, exchange, and master’s degree students.

Study Path students get a special Study Path student card, since Pivo and AMK student card are not available for them.

If you are studying at a professional teacher education, contract training, an open university of applied sciences, or if you are completing an education package that only consists of parts of a degree, unfortunately you are not eligible for a student card.

Local student associations

In addition to HAMKO, there are campus and degree-specific student associations on our campuses. The student unions manage student affairs locally and support the student body in its advocacy efforts. The partner associations organise various events, which are added to the HAMKO events calendar.

What is a student union?

The Student Union is a student advocacy and service organisation based on the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences (41 §). The Student Union acts as a link between its members and promotes their social, societal and intellectual aspirations and those related to their studies and their position in society. Its mission is to contribute to preparing students for active, informed and critical citizenship. The Students’ Union has the specific task of electing student representatives to the institutions defined in § 4 of the Act on Universities of Applied Sciences and, if necessary, to participate in the implementation of student health care in accordance with the regulations of the Health Care Act and the Student Health Care Act