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Team Work Management and Finance


Continuous enrollment

Registration periods

  • Enrol anytime

Field of study

  • Information and Communication Technology

Type of education

  • Open University

Academic level

  • Bachelor Level Studies - EQF 6

Teaching language

  • English


  • Online

Teaching format

  • Online Learning


The course can be executed as stand alone or it could be integrated into a module

• Understands the function of a organization
• Can distinguish different management models and reasons to use them
• Understands that people are different and how it affects communication
• realizes how to utilize individual strenghts in team work
• Understands the legal framework and its limitations and liabilities in work guidance
• Understands the possibilities of various tools in team management
• Understands the basics of business unit budgeting
• Understands the function of business unit in relation to income statement of a company
• Understands the role of management accounting in operational management


- Organization and management structures
- Interpersonal skills and team work
- Laws and ethics
- Management tools
- Performance and profitability


Student works independently on Moodle platform.
The course is to be executed within three months

Assessments are not made during June and July.

Teaching methods

This is a non-stop course online for the open UAS students.

This course is completely done in remote study mode.

Learning material

Material is on the Moodle platform - we encourage students to look for additional material by themselves.

Class schedule

Student workload, 1 ECTS = about 27 hours

Cooperation with the business sector

The course has no actual working life connection. However, the course provides key competencies needed in modern working life.

Additional info

HAMK students enrol on the Pakki portal.

Open UAS students enrol via enrolment form that can be found on website (Applicants -> Open university -> Open studies)

You can start your studies within a week of enrolment.

Cost for the student: Open UAS fees can be found on website. Study fee is 15 euros/credit and the payment is made upon enrolment.

Student give course feedback via a browser at

Credits can be found within one month at:

Evaluation criteria


Terms and conditions,
Open UAS, non-stop course

By registering for the training, you accept the cancellation policy.

  • The tuition fee is paid upon registration.
  • You can start the studies approximately within a week of registration.
  • The tuition fee is non-refundable, even if you cancel your registration. 


Ask about registration and practical arrangements:

For more information on the content of the studies, please contact the course teacher. Staff email addresses are firstname.lastname(at)