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Finnish Academy for Skills Excellence

Finnish Academy for Skills Excellence

Finnish Academy for Skills Excellence (FASE)

Towards vocational top expertise

Finnish Academy for Skills Excellence aims to promote vocational excellence in skills through education, training and research. FASE is a recognized developer of vocational top excellence which stands out from the others in the field of vocational education. The academy operates to promote vocational top excellence, to increase the appreciation of professional excellence and to develop the quality and attractiveness of vocational education and the competence of teachers and trainers.

Academy serves both individuals and organizations. The academy operates as a part of national and international Skills network in close cooperation with educational administration, Skills Finland ry, vocational education institutions, economic life, institutions of higher education and vocational teacher education.

The academy’s operations are divided into four areas of focus which are in order of importance:

  • Education and training
  • Dissemination of the best practices of vocational excellence in skills
  • Internationalization of the competence and training skills
  • Research and development that promotes vocational excellence in skills


Igniting Education

Igniting Education
Jos van Zwieten, 2018

This publication has been produced in collaboration during the X-factors – project.

The Pedagogy of Vocational Top Expertise

The Pedagogy of Vocational Top Expertise
Tuomas Eerola (ed.) 2016

Developing top expertise is the common goal of companies and educational organizations. This collection of articles, titled The Pedagogy of Vocational Top Expertise, is a sequel to the book Towards Vocational Top Expertise, which was published a few years earlier. The collection is intended for all those who guide young people towards higher levels of vocational competence. It is particularly suitable for coaches and experts involved in vocational skills competition activities.

Skills Competitions in Finland for People with Special Needs

Skills Competitions in Finland for People with Special Needs
Päivi Pynnönen (ed.) 2016

The purpose of this publication is to present the wide range of activities carried out in vocational skills competitions and coaching for people with special needs in recent years in Finland.

Towards Vocational Top Expertise

Towards Vocational Top Expertise
Tuomas Eerola (ed.)

The book ‘Towards vocational top expertise’ gives visibility to the work carried out by the HAMK Professional Teacher Education Unit and its cooperation networks to develop vocational top expertise. The book is intended for all those interested in developing vocational competence and vocational education and training in educational institutions and companies alike. Developing top expertise is examined at the level of the individual, the operating environment and the methods.Hopefully, this publication will also help fuel discussion about how we can best recognize potential top experts, guide and encourage their growth, build learning environments that support the development of top expertise, and apply guidance and counselling methods that optimally support the development of top expertise.

Competitions for Everyone

Competitions for Everyone
Sara Kaloinen, Päivi Pynnönen & Heikki Saarinen (ed.)

Vocational skills competitions have become established as a form of supporting and developing vocational education. Currently a topical issue lies in developing opportunities for competitors with special needs to enter.

Competitions for Everyone explains the main concepts related to the topic, and describes competition activities and the main organisations that arrange them.The publication is intended for vocational special education teachers and tutors, workplace mentors and trainers, and anyone else interested in vocational skills competitions. The publication is funded in Finland by the National Board of Education, and the project has also received support from the European Social Fund.

WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki – World Championship Competition in Vocational Skills

WorldSkills 2005 in Helsinki – World Championship Competition in Vocational Skills (.pdf) 
Heikki Saarinen & Tuomas Eerola (ed.)

WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki – World championship competition in vocational skills was a success in many ways. The writers of this publication are the representatives of the arrangement organisation and cooperative projects of the
WorldSkills 2005 Helsinki competition. It is an excellent overview of the background, planning, implementation, national and international cooperation and results of the competition. The book provides valuable information for the organizers, coaches and competitors of vocational skills competitions and to all those interested in the development of vocational skills and education.