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Internal Control and Risk Management
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Internal Control and Risk Management

Internal control and risk management

The structure of the organisation and responsibilities of internal control and risk management are defined in the regulations of Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd. (HAMK).

The Managing Director of HAMK is responsible for organising proper internal control and risk management. The main processes are education and RDI, which are divided into smaller sub-processes (e.g. fields of study and research units). The process owners for each entity have been named and they have the accountability and authority to manage risks under their own entity. It is the duty of these accountable persons to lead, plan and steer activities in order to achieve targets and to manage risks.

The long-term risk management plan is drafted by the top management of HAMK. It includes risk management audits completed by each school and unit regularly. The main viewpoint of risk management in HAMK is to ascertain that instructions have been followed, risks have been recognised and calculated risks have been taken into consideration.

Risk manage​ment as a shared service​

Risk management provides the board of HAMK with systematic assurance services for risk management, operates internal control and provides consultative special services. The purpose is to prevent risks and increase the likelihood of achieving objectives and to encourage proactive management. Detailed annual plans for risk management are drafted annually and they are based on the long-term main policies. Risk management is effective when it is part of normal management and processes.

The Risk Manager organises and coordinates the comprehensive risk management of HAMK, organises the internal and external audits and assessments and organises risk management training. Each employer is responsible for risk management in their own tasks.​


The Managing Director of Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd nominated the following members to the Management Group of Quality and Risk Management (LaaRi) at the beginning of 2015:​

Vice Rector Janne Salminen, Chairman
Director of Finance and Administration Johanna Närhi
President of Student Union HAMKO Toni Asikainen
Head of Strategy Monitoring Mervi Friman
Risk Manager Marjatta Kariniemi who is the presenting official for risk management affairs
Head of Development, Education Development Services Pirjo Kuisma
Online Communications Manager Lotta Linko
Dean of School of Bioeconomy and Rector of HAMI Ari Mikkola
Research Unit for Bioeconomy: Director of Research Unit Mona-Anitta Riihimäki and
Head of Development, Technology Kirsi Sippola

In addition to the Management Group of Quality and Risk Management, the following members participate in the meetings three times a year as representatives for quality at the school level.​

Bioeconomy: Jukka Korhonen
Entrepreneurship and Business: Hely Kilpeläinen
Master’s Degrees and Professional Teacher Education: Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen
Technology: Lassi Martikainen
Wellbeing: Paula Vikberg-Aaltonen (substitute Eeva-Liisa Breilin)