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Study paths
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Study paths

Study path to degree

You can complete university studies at HAMK by choosing a Study Path.

Study path is a great option if you did not become a selected degree student, do not have a qualifying degree, or if you want to supplement your skills so that your goal is a higher education degree. Study paths are study modules that consist of courses that belong to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. After completing the required number of credits, you can apply as a degree student without an entrance examination.

HAMK’s study paths consist of modules and courses in the first year of a Bachelor’s degree and studies in the first semester of Master’s degrees. The study mainly takes place with the starting group of degree students. A suitable prior Bachelor’s degree is required for the Master’s level study paths. Master’s level study paths can be started before the required work experience has been completed.

A study path student is required to have the same study skills as a degree student, and studying requires commitment for the entire first year of study (or the first semester in Master’s paths).

Depending on their citizenship international students may need a residence permit for Study Paths and Open Studies. As Open University Studies are not leading to a degree it is not possible to get a residence permit only for that purpose. For further information, please visit the website of the Finnish Immigration Service. The studies often contain contact lessons and require attendance in HAMK.

Studying at Open UAS
Check out the Open UAS study fees and cancellation policy.

Ukrainian refugees: In addition to the number of places mentioned in the table, HAMK offers Ukrainian refugees free study path places in some degree programmes. A document of refugee status (decision on asylum or residence permit on the basis of protection) is needed within enrollment. Also the transcript of records or other documents, that proves the student status in Ukraine can be downloaded during registration. The information can be found also at Studyinfo. The enrolment is open between 1. and 3.8.2023.

Bachelor’s level study paths for Ukrainians: Construction Engineering, Electrical and Automation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology, Smart Organic Farming, Smart and Sustainable Design

Master’s level study path for Ukrainians: Sustainable Technologies

Enrolment form for Ukrainian refugees


Take into consideration - study paths

  1. A good command of English is needed to study at HAMK’s open studies. Upon request, the registrant must be able to demonstrate their language skills. HAMK’s recommendation for English language skills is level B2 in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  2. Studying requires long-term commitment and self-management. The necessary study skills include the ability to acquire information, present orally and in writing, and structure things in the language of instruction. For example, adequate mathematics skills, physics, language studies or communication skills may be required for each education.
  3. Eligible applicants will be contacted in person from the degree programme of the study path.
  4. Study path students may not receive student financial aid or student discounts unless they are entitled to benefits on the basis of other studies. The student can get a separate study path student card from the student organization HAMKO, with which he can get student benefits, but not VR or Matkahuolto student discounts. Pivo’s student card and AMK student card are not available to study path students.
  5. Find out from the TE-palvelut whether you have the opportunity to study voluntarily with unemployment benefits.
  6. You will receive lunch at an unsupported student price when you show the study path student’s meal card at the checkout of HAMK’s student restaurant. The price of lunch is cheaper than the price of a visitor, but a little more than the price of degree students receiving Kela meal support.
  7. HAMK students starting their studies must acquire their own laptop, if they do not already have one. See the Bring your own device – BYOD page for more information. Learning at HAMK can be independent of time and classroom.
  8. This concerns only Finnish-speking students: a study path student may not be credited for completing the official Swedish language. The official Swedish assessment can only be given to a degree student.
  9. The RPL process takes into account each student’s prior learning corresponding to the learning objectives of degree programmes and their parts, as described in curricula. The RPL process consists of recognition and accreditation of learning and subsequent credit transfer, validation of learning through skills demonstrations and exemption from compulsory language studies. How and where learning was acquired is irrelevant in terms of launching the RPL process. Contact your student counsellor in the beginning of your studies. In HAMK’s Open UAS, a maximum of 1/3 of the extent of the study path can be recognized. Other Open UAS studies cannot be recognized (RPL).  Please notice that studies that have been acquired via RPL in HAMK open UAS do not necessary provide for eligibility in applying process for degree programme in other Universities of Applied Sciences.
  10. HAMK’s study path students are able to complete some studies also at HAMK’s partner universities of applied sciences, eg summer courses. The portal courses are free of charge for the study path students of the partner universities. Implementation plans and registration are at the CampusOnline website. Evaluations of CampusOnline or similar courses (that are availble for study path students) completed at another UAS can be submitted electronically to the HAMK once the course has been completed during the study path. However, the study path student must primarily complete the studies of the first year of degree programme in order to obtain the study credits required for the degree programme applied for in a separate application for a degree student.
  11. Study path students are entitled to the same guidance (by the guidance counsellor of the degree student group) and support as degree students. The study path student is covered by the same insurance as HAMK’s degree students.
  12. Please note that when applying for a degree student, the courses and study modules at the Open UAS must be completed mainly with good knowledge. In International Business, the average of completed open UAS studies must be at least 3,0. Completion of the first year of studies is considered an advantage upon admission as a student.

Applying as degree students after study path

After the study path you can apply as a degree student in a separate application based on your studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences. Other studies completed at the Open University of Applied Sciences provide eligibility for a separate application as well. The requirement for the Bachelor’s degree is 60 credits of suitable studies completed at an open university of applied sciences. The eligibility requirements for the Master’s degree include first-semester studies (10 cr / 15 cr) and a suitable prior Bachelor’s degree as well as the required work experience. If you are selected, approved studies will be included in the degree. For more details, check out the separate application process and degree selection criteria on the Applying as a degree student web page.

​Most of HAMK’s degree programmes offer Study Paths. The available seats in degree programmes are listed below. Please check the description of the degree programme and explore the curricula and more information about studying.

NB: HAMK’s recommendation for English language skills is level B2 in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

NB: Number of seat listed below is minimum number of seats.

Autumn 2023

Enrolment has ended. Registered applicants will be contacted during week 32.

Computer Applications full-time, Hämeenlinna, 5 seats
Construction Engineering full-time, Hämeenlinna, 2 seats
Electrical and Automation Engineering full-time, Valkeakoski, 2 seats
Information and Communication Technology, Bioeconomy full-time, Forssa, 2 seats
International Business full-time, Valkeakoski, 3 seats
International Business part time, Valkeakoski, 3 seats
Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology full-time, Riihimäki, 2 seats
Smart and Sustainable Design full-time, Hämeenlinna, 3 seats
Smart Organic Farming full-time, Mustiala, 3 seats


There are no Study Paths in spring 2024.

Study Paths of Master’s degrees are available for only those who have a Bachelor’s degree applicable to the Master’s degree. The seats in Master’s degree Study Paths are listed below. Please check the description of the degree programme, the suitability of your Bachelor’s degree and explore the curricula and more information about studying. Please note that you will need a copy of your previous Bachelor’s degree as an attachment when you enrol for a Master’s level study path.

NB: HAMK’s recommendation for English language skills is level B2 in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

NB: Number of seat listed below is minimum number of seats.

Autumn 2023

Enrolment has ended. Registered applicants will be contacted during week 32.

Management in Sustainable Business, Hämeenlinna, 3 seats

Sustainable Technologies, Hämeenlinna, 2 seats


There are no Study Paths in spring 2024.

Enrolment, academic year 2023 – 2024:

  • 1.-3.8.2023 – study paths starting in the autumn 2023
  • 4.-6.12.2023 – study paths starting in the spring 2024 – available only in Finnish

Enrolment begins at 8:00.

Please follow the instructions:

1) Familiarize yourself with the degree programme and curriculum that interests you

Master’s study path: check the suitability of a previous Bachelor’s degree on the degree programme page of your interest (link in the Master’s study path list). Attach the necessary certificates to the enrolment form.

2) Enrol


Authentication takes place through the service. You can authenticate using online banking IDs, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card. Prefetch the authentication method to expedite enrollment.

Only in exceptional cases, ie if you do not have any authentication method suitable for the service, you can choose an alternative registration form and skip the authentication.

Fill in the enrolment form

Once you have authenticated, some of the requested information will be filled in automatically.

When you enrol for the Master’s level study path, add a copy of your Bachelor’s degree at the same time. Please note that the certificate is already in electronic form, the picture can also be an attachment. The attachment cannot be added later and the registration timestamp will be generated when you submit the completed enrolment.

The information filled in the form will be sent encrypted. HAMK complies with the EU’s general data protection regulation (2016/679) and Finnish national legislation when processing personal data. Proper processing of personal data is important to HAMK – the processing of personal data

Confirmation of registration

After registering, you will receive an automatic confirmation message in your e-mail. If you don’t seem to get an e-mail, check your spam folder. Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-accepted basis and will be contacted at the end of the enrolment period.

Contact and interview

All applicants who will be accepted will be contacted before being approved as a study path student.

Acceptance as a study path student

There are a limited number of study path places and they are filled in the order of registration. At the end of the enrolment period, eligible applicants will be interviewed.

Please note that your study place will only be ensured after the contact and payment of the tuition fee confirms the study place. All registrants will also receive information by e-mail about a possible reservation or rejection. If you do not receive any contact, please send e-mail to the study secretary of education, studentservices(at)

Payment of the tuition fee confirms the study place

A payment link for the tuition fee will be sent to the approved registrant by email from HAMK’s online store (HAMKin verkkokauppa). Please note to follow your email once you have been accepted as a study path student. The payment link is valid for 7 days. Study fees are paid online by the Paytrail service. Payment methods include online payments to Finnish banks, card payment, MobilePay and Collector bank as an invoice and installment service.

Enrolment is binding

If you must cancel your enrolment, contact the study secretary of programme immediately and confirm the cancellation by e-mail studentservices(at) Read the cancellation policy at the link.

Notice that:

  • Unfortunately we do not answer phone inquiries. If necessary, ask for more information by e-mail studentservices(at) Inquiries will be answered at the end of the registration period.
  • If there is a problem with authentication, we recommend clearing the cache or using your browser’s private space (incognito).

Next enrolment for study paths in English is between 1. and 3.8.2023. There are no Study Paths in spring 2024.

Bachelor’s level, enrolment without authentication

Master’s level enrolment without authentication

Tuition fees

If you plan to apply as a degree student after completing the study path please note:

Degree students with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland, are required to pay tuition fees for university studies in Finland. Tuition fees apply to degree programmes taught in English since autumn 2017.