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Kuuntele Accommodation 05.05.2023 15:48 Degree students If you are a new degree student, we recommend you to start looking for accommodation at the earliest three months before you need the accommodation. In many cases the application is valid for threecontinue reading

Accommodation; Evo

Student Accommodation at Evo 09.11.2023 14:47 You can apply for accommodation with this form. Here you can find a video film of the beautiful campus area and the leisure time possibilities in the area. Dormitories at Evo All dormitories includecontinue reading

Accommodation; Forssa

Accommodation for students in Forssa 24.05.2022 10:04 In Forssa degree students live in rental apartments owned by private or public sector, there is no specific student dormitory. Depending on the time of arrival to Finland there are different types ofcontinue reading

Accommodation; Hämeenlinna

Student Accommodation in Hämeenlinna 08.05.2023 16:37 The Hämeenlinna Student Housing Foundation HOPS has been providing housing services to students from various educational facilities since 1987. There are three student accommodation locations in Hämeenlinna: Hattelmala (H1 and H2), Kampuskaarre and Visäkylä.continue reading

Accommodation; Lepaa

Student Accommodation in Lepaa 09.11.2023 14:48 You can apply for accommodation with this form. Students at Lepaa live in dormitories on the campus. Dormitories include basic furniture: a bed with a mattress, pillow and blanket (two sets of bed linen,continue reading

Accommodation; Mustiala

Student Accommodation in Mustiala 09.11.2023 14:46 Mustiala campus is an enjoyable and historic environment to study. Students will be staying in a dormitory with other Mustiala students and exchange students from all over the world. Usually almost all students livecontinue reading

Accommodation; Riihimäki

Student Accommodation in Riihimäki 14.12.2022 14:50 Student housing in Riihimäki Student accommodation in Riihimäki is all located in Peltosaari. They are provided and administered by HOPS – the Student Residence Foundation of the Hämeenlinna Region. The student housing premises arecontinue reading

Accommodation; Valkeakoski

Student accommodation in Valkeakoski 04.10.2023 10:28 If you are a degree student, you will have to explore accommodation opportunities in Valkeakoski (and possibly the nearby regions) yourself. Please note that student accommodation possibilities in Valkeakoski are limited. Therefore, as acontinue reading