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20.06.2022 13:59

It is usually quite easy to find a place to live when you are studying at HAMK. All HAMK campuses are in small to medium sized cities with all the convenience around. Wherever your housing is located, you are never too far away from your campuses and all facilities and services you might need for your everyday life.

Exchange students: if you are a student from one of our partner universities who study or complete internship at HAMK for one to two semesters, SOME of the HAMK campuses can arrange a student apartment for you if you notify us about your time of arrival well ahead of time. Please refer to the specific arrangements by campus for more information.

Degree students: if you are a new degree student, we recommend you to start looking for accommodation as early as possible. Student accommodation options are limited, and not all new students can be promised a student apartment. If you are offered a student apartment, we highly recommend you agree to the offer.

In addition to student apartments, there are usually other private accommodation providers. However, please note that in Finland, private rental apartments are usually more expensive than student apartments. HAMK does not own the student accommodation properties. The properties are owned by the housing providers, with whom HAMK has contracts with. In addition to higher monthly rental prices, private rental apartments usually do not include electricity, nor light bulbs or internet, which requires you to sign separate contracts with different service providers. In that case, you will need to have a Finnish ID to proceed, which means that it takes a longer time for you to have all the necessary services set up for your living in Finland.

Select the campus and find an accommodation most suitable for you.

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