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05.05.2023 15:48

Degree students

If you are a new degree student, we recommend you to start looking for accommodation at the earliest three months before you need the accommodation. In many cases the application is valid for three months only. Please note that student accommodation options are limited, and not all new students can be promised a student apartment. HAMK does not provide family accommodations, you need to be active yourself if you bring your family with you.

Whether you have applied for student accommodation or private accommodation, if you are offered a lease, we highly recommend you agree to the offer or deny it ASAP. 

Please note that the many of the rental apartments are usually not furnished.

In addition to student apartments, there are private accommodation providers. Private rental apartments are usually more expensive than student apartments and they do not usually include electricity, lamps or internet. This means you have to sign separate contracts with different service providers. 

All incoming students should secure accommodation before travelling to Finland, and especially if you are travelling with children, please make sure you have accommodation before booking your flight


Select the relevant campus on the right hand side of the page and find instructions for applying for accommodation. Please note that you should only apply for accommodation on the campus (or in the town) where you will be studying. In other words, if you will study in, e.g., Valkeakoski, only apply for housing in Valkeakoski. The other locations are too far. 

HAMK only owns student apartments on the campuses of Evo, Lepaa and Mustiala, and these apartments are a realistic option only for the students studying on those campuses. The dormitories are only for individual students not for families. 


Exchange students

If you are a student from one of our partner universities who comes to study or complete internship at HAMK for one to two semesters, some of the HAMK campuses can arrange a student apartment for you if you notify us about your time of arrival well ahead of time. Please refer to the specific arrangements by campus for more information.


 See city-related information on the right-hand side of this page.