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15.12.2021 11:14

Applying for the degree certificate (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees)

(see the guide for vocational teacher education Graduation)

You can start the graduation process when you have completed at least 80% of the Bachelor’s degree or 50% of the Master’s degree. Please note that processing time includes several stages in the application process. 

Main phases of the graduation process

  • Sign in to Pakki and choose the VALO – graduation service
  • Respond to the university of applied sciences graduand feedback survey (AVOP).
    • If you have already answered the AVOP survey or for some other reason cannot answer, please contact your study counsellor.
    • Note that the survey link will take you outside the system – wait for redirecting back to the graduation service.
  • Wait for the study counsellor to contact you. The study counsellor will contact you in about a week.
    • NB! VALO doesn’t send a separate e-mail message about the date and time of the graduation discussion. Please, sign in to Valo to see the date.
  • Follow the checklist in the application for degree certificate and mark the steps as completed.
  • Have a discussion with your study counsellor.
  • Wait for the study counsellor’s confirmation: then finish and submit the certificate application. You will receive an email message once your application has been approved and the student services has confirmed the graduation date.

Signing in and using the graduation service

  • The graduation service is located on the student’s PAKKI desktop. Click the VALO – graduation service -icon. The system will guide you forward.
  • Please note that you have to answer the AVOP survey at one time – the system will redirect you back to the Valo graduation service after answering the survey and an automatic email message will be sent to your study counsellor about your application.
  • You can mark things as done on your own checklist before the graduation discussion – remember to save the changes.
    • Make sure that everything is correct before proceeding to the next step. Answers can no longer be edited or deleted.
  • After the graduation discussion has been completed, the study counsellor will activate your permission to submit the application for approval. Once the application is approved, you will be notified by email.

Possible problems and solutions

  • Valo Graduation Service works best with the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Edge.
  • Valo works in the same language as your PAKKI. It is possible to change the language in Pakki.
  • If the service does not work, try to log off, close the browser, and log in again. Changing the browser might help. If this does not solve the problems – please, send a message to
  • If you have many study rights at HAMK, please check that you have logged in with the correct student number.
  • If your right to study does not lead to a degree, you cannot make a graduation application.

Possible problems related to answering the AVOP survey

  • The link to the AVOP survey is not active – check if you have enough credits (bachelor’s degrees, at least 80% and master’s degrees, at least 50% of studies must be done). The credits must have been registered at least one day before answering to AVOP survey.
  • If you have already answered the survey: please, contact your own study counsellor
  • Answering the AVOP survey has been interrupted and you will not be able to answer it again – please, contact 
  • If you cannot answer for any other reason – please, contact your study counsellor
  • If your right to study does not lead to a degree, you will not see the AVOP survey link in the graduation system and you will not be able to create a graduation application.

Graduation schedules

Please note the regulations of the study grant when you are timing your graduation, more information:

The completed degree certificate application must be sent no later than three weeks before the scheduled graduation date. We recommend that you begin the graduation process at least six weeks before your desired graduation date.

Graduation schedules academic year 2021-2022


Recommendation for starting the application process Send the completed certificate application at the latest Graduation day
In the beginning of September 24.09.2021 15.10.2021
In mid-September 08.10.2021 29.10.2021
In the beginning of October 25.10.2021 15.11.2021
In mid-October 09.11.2021 30.11.2021
In the beginning of November 24.11.2021 15.12.2021 Graduation seremony
In mid-November 10.12.2021 31.12.2021
In the beginning of December 22.12.2021 14.01.2022
In mid-December 10.01.2022 31.01.2022
In the beginning of January 25.01.2022 15.02.2022
In mid-January 07.02.2022 28.02.2022
In the beginning of February 22.02.2022 15.03.2022
In mid-February 10.03.2022 31.03.2022
In the beginning of March 24.03.2022 14.04.2022
In mid-March 08.04.2022 29.04.2022
In the beginning of April 22.04.2022 13.05.2022
In mid-April 10.05.2022 31.05.2022
In the beginning of May 25.05.2022 15.06.2022
In mid-May 09.06.2022 30.06.2022

Graduation seremony 15.12.2021

All graduates who has graduated between 30 June 2021 and 15 December 2021 will be invited to the seremony by email. Those graduating on 15 December will receive a copy of certificate in seremony. More information in the invitation later. We comply with the Covid-19 regulations set by authorities that are in effect in December.

Graduation seremony 15.6.2022

Those who graduate between 31.12.2021 and 15 June 2022 will be invited to the seremony 15 June 2022.

Degree certificate

For degree programmes conducted in Finnish, the student receives a degree certificate in Finnish.

For degree programmes conducted in English, the student receives a degree certificate in both Finnish and English.

In addition, all graduates receive the Diploma Supplement, which is a document in English language attached to an original degree certificate. The aim of the diploma supplement is to improve international ‘transparency’ and facilitate the academic and professional recognition and comparability of qualifications as well as offer easier access to work abroad after graduation.

Delivering certificates

HAMK University of Applied sciences issues degree certificates electronically from 1 October 2021. We will also send graduates a paper copy of the degree certificate. 

The digital degree certificate is an official certificate, which does not require any separate authentication. It can be sent to authorities or employers as an attachment. Paper copies of the digital certificate can be printed, but only the digital certificate is authenticated and suitable for official purposes. 

Graduate students can download a digital degree certificate from Pakki (documents) for 28 days after graduation. NB: Save your digital degree certificate carefully in several different places.


Requests for copies of degree certificate awarded by HAMK (Bachelor's and Master's degrees)

You can order certified copies of your degree certificate awarded by HAMK (Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees)

20 euros / Copy of Degree certificate
35 euros / EMS courier service fee

You can order certified copies of your degree certificate:  ORDER COPIES

  1. Authenticate 
    • You can authenticate by using online banking codes, a mobile certificate, or a certificate card.
    • Only in exceptional cases, i.e. if you don’t have any authentication method suitable for the service or you have technical problems with the authentication, you can choose an alternative registration form without the authentication.
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Pay the copy fee (and EMS Courier Service fee)
    • Fees will be charged online via Paytrail service, directly after submitting the certificate copy request. Payment methods include online payments to Finnish banks, card payment, MobilePay and Walley as an invoice and installment service.

The delivery takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

More information:

Education support services: e-mail: