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26.03.2019 13:56

Information Management Services of Häme University of Applied Sciences produce and maintain IT and telecommunication services for HAMK and Häme Vocational Institute. HAMK’s ServiceDesk offers its services in address

IT Services for Students​

When you join as a student, you will receive a personal user ID, with which you can log in to HAMK computers and many different systems. We are in charge of the IT infrastructure and all of its services, including the functionality of equipment and systems, and we provide training in their use, as well as problem-solving advice. 

ServiceDesk at yo​u service

Our most important service point is the ServiceDesk, from which assistance can be requested using an online form 24 hours a day. Service requests are processed during office hours, and status updates and, if necessary, further questions are emailed to the sender of the request. ServiceDesk can also be contacted by telephone Mon – Fri 8.00 – 16.00 on number 03 6463000.​

Did you forget your p​assword?

If you have forgotten your password, you can order a new one through the following link. You will need a bank ID in order to get a new password. If you fail to login after changing password or you are unable to change it, please call to ServiceDesk.

Changing your password

HAMK Recommends that Students Use Their Own Laptops 

Learning at HAMK is not dependent on time and classrooms. So we hope that HAMK students will buy their own laptops for studies if they don’t already have one. Especially with advanced computing and with special professional applications we also use HAMK’s computers, so your own computer does not have to be very high-powered.  ​

At the HAMK campus area you can use our wifi network.

Laptop computer for studying ​

Here are some (non-prescriptive) recommendations of the HAMK Information Management Services regarding technical features for laptop computers used for different purposes. Generally speaking, the price range of a laptop gives information on the purpose for which the computer is suitable. 

The lightest way to use one’s own computer involves using it like a monitor. This means that the student uses their laptop to connect to the HAMK virtual workstation (VDI computer), through which it is possible to access all basic software used at HAMK (such as Word and Excel) and certain programmes connected to professional subjects. VDI use involves running the programmes in a server computer and using the laptop merely as a monitor. It is also possible to access HAMK’s VDI computers from home. A laptop computer suitable for accessing VDI computers generally costs less than €400.

For the course of their studies, students are granted Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications and 1000 GB of free desk space on OneDrive for Business network storage free of charge to their own Windows or MacOS computers. The basic programmes can be used at least to some extent on all currently sold laptops. A laptop sufficient to effortlessly use basic programmes costs around €400–600

Graphic work (such as photo editing, CAD and games) requires a sufficiently powerful processor and a high-performance graphics card. If the requirements are not met, graphic work on a laptop is slow. Graphic programmes are often used on a laptop computer, as it is not always possible to use them with the VDI. Computers suitable for graphic design cost around €650–800.

The operating system of a laptop may be Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 and we recommend a 64-bit Windows version. The professional programmes used at HAMK are Windows programmes whose use does not require a touch screen. Only some of the software used for studies can be accessed with students’ own laptops and other programmes are used with HAMK’s computers.

Linux and Apple’s MacOS can also be used for studies, but running Windows-based professional applications in them requires, for example, using separate virtualisation software and having some technical competence. VDI computers can be accessed with Linux and Apple’s MacOS computers by using free VMware VDI client software.


Method of UseProcessorRAMGraphics CardDisplay AccuracyDisk SpaceOperating System
​Use of virtual computer (VDI)​Anything goes​Anything goes​Anything goes​1366 x 768​At least 32 GB​Windows (more advanced IT users also: Linux, Chrome, Mac/Apple OS)
​Use of basic software on one’s own laptop​Intel i3 or AMD’s equivalents​At least 4 GBAnything goesAt least 1366 x 768At least 256 GBWindows 7, 8 or 8.1
​Graphic work on one’s own laptop​Intel i5 or AMD’s equivalents​At least 6 GB​At least Intel HD 4400 or equivalent​At least 1920 x 1080​At least 500 GBWindows 7, 8 or 8.1​

​HAMK has an extensive wireless network (WLAN), to which students can connect with their own laptop computers. Students can connect to the Eduroam network by using their personal username and password. The Eduroam network is in use in most higher education institutions in Finland and in a number of higher education institutions in Europe. HAMK also has premises for group work and traditional IT classrooms where it is possible, for example, to conduct calculations that demand more from computers.​

If needed, please contact Mr Jari Kivelä by e-mail for technical details: jari.kivela [at] ​

Information management services

The HAMK University of Applied Sciences Information Management Unit produces and maintains IT and telecommunication services for HAMK and the Häme Vocational Institute. We are in charge of the IT infrastructure and all of its services, including the functionality of equipment and systems, and we provide training in their use, as well as problem-solving advice.

Our most important service point is the ServiceDesk, from which assistance can be requested using an online form 24 hours a day. Service requests are processed during office hours, and status updates and, if necessary, further questions are emailed to the sender of the request. The ServiceDesk can also be contacted by telephone Mon-Fri 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. on +3583 646 3000 (internal ext. 53000).

We do our best to improve our services continuously together with our customers, so we are happy to receive feedback on our operations. To give feedback, contact the ServiceDesk.

Remember to follow our Yammer-group where we inform you about updates, error situations and other topics concerning HAMK’s computers, programs and learning systems:

EXAM instructions in English

EXAM service and electronic exam concept provides a flexible way of taking monitored exams. First, a teacher prepares the exam either for the whole study group or personally to someone. The exam time period is adjusted and during that period a student can take the exam whenever he/she wants. A student will log into the EXAM service and makes the suitable reservation. There are two EXAM studios in HAMK, one in Hämeenlinna and another one in Riihimäki, which she can choose freely. EXAM service can be found on

EXAM room video surveillance system includes live streaming, recording video and audio. A student can access the room only with her personal key card or pin code which is saved and logged into the room reports. EXAM system works only with the HAMK credentials. After taking the exam the teacher will assess it and finally the student is informed by email about the result.

The EXAM computers have access restrictions to external services and they offer basic software to utilise in exams.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Office -package (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) NOTE. just English versions
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Irfanview
  • Notepad++
  • 7zip
  • Media player classic

Instructions for students

Using EXAM service
EXAM room guidelines (.pdf)
EXAM user agreement (.pdf)
EXAM File description (.pdf)

Instructions for teachers

Basics of EXAM