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Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

24.04.2020 11:35
Take care of your wellbeing!

Spring 2020

Student Wellbeing Services are available also during the exceptional corona virus situation. Contact us by email or phone. Appointments can be arranged via Teams, Zoom or Skype. We also have a Student Wellbeing Chat open on weekdays at 9-18 and on weekends at 12-15. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have things on your mind or feel anxiety on current situation or your studies.

How to maintain your daily routines?

Corona virus has created an exceptional situation for all of us. In this kind of situation maintaining everyday routines and rhythm of life becomes important. Distance education and canceled hobbies challenge us to refrain our everyday routines accordingly. Regular everyday patterns and maintaining the rhythm of life help us to cope with uncertainty.

  • Sufficient sleep, meals at regular intervals and sun and outdoors whenever possible help to sustain a better mood.
  • It is worth making a daily and weekly plan for the Independent study. You may need to organize your home in a new way to create a space for your study.
  • Rest and recreation should be clearly distinguished from the time spent studying.
  • Ponder what things will bring you joy or have ever produced joy in the past. You may have skills and competences that have remained in the feet of other rush. You can now also have time to experiment with things you’ve always wanted to do. Make a list: What things would you do most preferably.
  • If you are accustomed to do a lot of sports, your body needs workout. Do the things you feel comfortable with: for example cycling, jogging or home workout programs. The sun and light are increasing during spring and summer. Walking in the sun in the nearby terrain or on the trails increases your personal resources.
  • Keep in contact with people you have good and confidential relationships. Phone call and video calls are good options for messaging.

It may seem difficult to get along with your own fears, uncertainty and anxiety. If you have close people with whom you can chat, consider sharing your feelings. We can all help each other also by listening and contacting individuals who are perhaps lonely.

Worst scenarios, rumors and too intensive monitoring of the corona conversations in the media and social media will increase anxiety. Our body begins to tune into a battle that is not actualizing in real life. For this reason, it is good to help the body to calm down and keep track of reliable sources of information, only a few times a day.  Everyday routines, daily order and focus on them help to withstand uncertainty. It is also worth noting that alcohol and drugs strengthen anxiety and their use can make it difficult to maintain everyday routine and day rhythm.


There are many things that affect our wellbeing. To feel good, we need things in our everyday life, such as work, hobbies, challenges, social relationships and happiness. As said in HAMK’s strategy, HAMK cares for its students and puts effort in their wellbeing.

To support students’ wellbeing, HAMK offers the services of a special needs teacher, student counselling psychologist and coordinator of sport services. They work in all HAMK’s campuses in cooperation with tutor teachers, study counsellors, nurses, pastors and everyone connected to student services.

If the students feel that they need some support and want to talk with someone in full confidentiality, they can contact our student wellbeing staff. The need for support may include problems with studies, life crises, learning difficulties, relationship issues, economical problems, depression, stressing, intoxicants, eating, sexual issues etc.   

The best way to contact the student wellbeing staff is via email. The email addresses and telephone numbers can be found at the end of this page. Appointments can also be made via student counsellors or nurses.

Student wellbeing services also offer some additional studies during the academic year. The selection of the studies can be found here.

Coordinator of sport services can be contacted regarding anything related to HAMK sports. The coordinator can give guidance to different activities or even create a training programme for you. 

Contact student counselling psychologist if you have difficulties e.g. with coping, stress or motivation. Or you need tips on your time management or self efficacy. Psychologist can provide individual conversation support and guidance on 1-5 appointments.

The special needs teacher works as a contact person for equality in studies. He is also responsible for organising special arrangements for students who need support in studying. Special arrangements are also available for people who apply to study at HAMK in their entrance examination. The link to the form for applying to special arrangements can be found at the end of this page.

Contact information and appointments

Appointments/ counselling

Coordinator of sport services
Jari Virtanen
tel. +35840 7355 653

Student counselling psychologist
Maija Partanen
tel. +35850 4063 124

Special needs teacher
Samu Toivonen
tel. +35850 5776 312


Application for special arrangement

Special arrangement application (docx)