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HAMK Bio – Sustainable Bioeconomy
HAMK Bio – Sustainable Bio-economy

HAMK Bio – Sustainable Bioeconomy


HAMK Bio combines theoretical knowledge in bioeconomy with practical applications in real research environments. We conduct innovative experiments and create new, research-based knowledge based on the needs of the industry. Our special fields of interest are new solutions for utilising natural materials and compounds, and sustainable production chains that respect the principles of circular economy.

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HAMK Bio conducts research in the diverse fields of bioeconomy in collaboration with companies in Häme region, as well as with national and international universities and research institutions. HAMK is also a member of the RUN European University which enables long-term research collaboration with other member institutions.

Focus of our research

The HAMK Bio research unit develops applicable and business-driven solutions in the fields of bioeconomy. In addition to strengthening the existing industry, we create new knowledge and innovations as well as commercialise and utilise new ideas.

The research is conducted in five diverse research environments, in which the ideas can be tested in practical conditions. Our strengths are practical competence in primary production, increasing value through processing raw materials, and utilizing side streams in the different phases of the value chain.


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CO-CARBON – Carbon Smart Urban Green Infrastructure

Diversity to Fields

FRUSH – Innovating the Circular Economy

LUO Net GOES International

PoliRural – Future Oriented Collaborative Policy Development for Rural Areas and People

RAHI – Comprehensive recovery of nutrients and carbon from wastewater

SYMBI – Industrial Symbiosis for a Resource Efficient Economy


Projects in Finnish


#Uusimaaseutu – #Nylandsbygd is a project for activating communications in agriculture and rural development among businesses and farmers.

ArvoLiike focuses on developing business opportunities in peri-urban areas through utilising valuable and underutilised plants, new production methods and means of utilisation.

Elämysten hevonen is for improving the profitability in the equine industry through developing the professional competencies of entrepreneurs and modernising the business.

Hevoshäme helps equine entrepreneurs in utilising digital platforms in marketing, customer service, and other business activities in order to tightly integrate sustainable equine business as part of tourism in the Häme region.

HULVATTU improves drainage water management through piloting a watershed safety plan.

Hyvää karjalle ensures silage quality through digital monitoring and controls barn microbes with natural peptides.

Hämeen ilmastovahti creates a climate watch for municipalities in the Kanta-Häme region.

Hämäläinen lähiruokadialogi brings together producers, retailers and consumers in the Häme region to promote local food.

Isosorsimo – rantojen riesasta resurssiksi find ways of utilising Glyceria maxima, a harmful invasive species, e.g. as animal feed or as raw material for bioethanol.

Järkki is a project for finding feasible ways of centralising waste water management and ensuring the circulation of nutrients.

Kaupunkiviljelystä järkiruokaa promotes food production in private housings and small urban communities.

Kestävän hevosmatkailun tiekartta Kanta-Hämeessä promotes sustainable horse tourism through creating a roadmap.

Luomussa vara parempi promotes organic food in the Häme region.

Lähiluonnon ihmeitä arranges trips in the nearby nature for pre-schoolers to strengthen understanding of the value of nature.

Nurmikoiden biodiversiteetti investigates converting lawns into meadows on experimental plots.

OK – Ojat kuntoon helps land owners and agriculture and forestry communities in surface drainage.

OO – Opitaan ojista aims at improving surface drainage in the Häme region through counselling, education and collaboration.

RAHI aims at scaling RAVITA technology in efficient sludge management that focuses on phosphorus recovery.

Suunta luontoon enhances digital and sustainable outdoor services through developing a mobile application for canoeing orienteering and commodified mountain biking routes in the Kanta-Häme region.

Tulevaisuuden maanviljelijät develops agricultural education as a collaboration between nine educational institutions to promote sustainable food production and modern pedagogical methods.

TyVi aims at securing food production and increasing carbon stocks through improving farmers’ understanding of soil structure and fertility.

Työturvallisuus näkyväksi osaksi metsäalan opetusta improves safety in the forestry industry through promoting safety in forestry education and producing educational materials.

Valumavesien hygieniariskit investigates urban waste water and animal farm runoff water management to minimise infection risks.