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HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future
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HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future

Who are we? What do we do?

HAMK Tech Research Unit is specialised in sustainable technology solutions that promote the competitiveness of the industry and well-being in the society. We focus on applied research and development within the field of metal and building industry, combining expertise in chemistry, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, electrical and automation engineering as well as energy technology.

We develop design and manufacturing methods that improve our customers’ competitiveness and open new possibilities for them. We also help our customers to develop products and energy solutions that reduce the use of natural and other resources. This is our contribution to improved productivity, well-being at work, sustainability and lower emissions.

We have particularly extensive expertise in applied research in the fields of sheet metal technology, steel construction as well as durability of structures and materials. The Sheet Metal Centre in Hämeenlinna is our best-known research laboratory. We are on our way towards the national front line in the fields of design and manufacturing methods and energy efficiency of buildings.

At the level of the society, we aim to promote the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and increase the well-being of people by the possibilities presented by ecological technology solutions.

Who do we work with?

We are truly international in our operations, as our personnel is a mix of several nationalities.

We work actively in both national and international research networks, thereby contributing to the long-term development of our field. We have research cooperation with several international partners, including Feevale University (Brazil) and VIA University College (Denmark), the strategic partners of HAMK. University of Coimbra (Portugal) is also one of our key partners.

We are strongly involved in the international research network ICP Materials (International Co-operative Programme on Effects on Materials, including historic and cultural monuments).

We provide commissioned research and development services for dozens of customers; currently we work with ca. 50 companies and public organisations. Our key customers are industrial companies that are either already operating internationally or are aiming at internationalisation. We have long-term co-operation agreements with e.g. SSAB Europe, Ruukki Construction and Sisu Axles. In addition to companies, we also work with organisations involved in municipal structures and construction.

Contact information






Jarmo Havula
Director of Research Unit
+358 40 8241 955

Delivery address:
Häme University of Applied Sciences
HAMK Tech Research Unit
Visakaarre 9 (office)/ Vankanlähde 13 (research laboratory)
FI-13100 Hämeenlinna, Finland

Invoicing address:
Häme University of Applied Sciences​ (VAT reg. 2617489-3)
P.O. Box 231
FI-13101 Hämeenlinna, Finland

Electronic invoices are preferred. 
Our address for electronic invoicing:
TE003726174893 (Tieto Oyj)