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HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu
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HAMK Tech – Technology for the Future

Who are we? What do we do?

HAMK Tech Research Unit is specialized in sustainable technology solutions. We focus on research and development within the field of metal and building industry, combining expertise in chemistry, mechanical engineering, construction engineering, electrical and automation engineering as well as energy technology.

We have particularly extensive expertise in the fields of sheet metal technology and steel construction as well as durability of structures and materials. Our core research areas include also design and manufacturing methods and energy efficiency of buildings.

At the society level we aim to promote the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and increase the well-being of people by the possibilities presented by ecological technology solutions.

We develop design and manufacturing methods that improve and open new possibilities for industry. We also help industry to develop products and energy solutions that reduce the use of natural and other resources. This is our contribution to improved productivity, well-being at work, sustainability and lower emissions.

Who do we work with?

Internationality and international cooperation are in the core of our operations.  There are several nationalities working together in our research unit. We work actively in both national and international research networks, thereby contributing to the long-term development of our field.

We are part of the RUN-EU European University, which aims to build future higher education and promote mobility, as well as to develop in-depth cooperation between network’s universities, regarding for example future and advanced skills-based research.

We collaborate on research also with several other international partners, like Feevale University (Brazil) and VIA University College (Denmark), the strategic partners of HAMK and University of Coimbra (Portugal) to mention some of them.

Few examples of our involvement in international research networks are ICP Materials (International Co-operative Programme on Effects on Materials) and the international Bioadhesion Research Network ENBA. ICP Materials studies the impact of air pollution on materials including historical and cultural heritage monuments. ENBA is a COST Action network that brings together researchers and expertise in biological adhesion across Europe.

Nationally HAMK Tech belongs to the Steel Construction Excellence Center (SCEC), which is a dynamic operating platform in steel construction for technical universities, regional colleges, R&D institutes and enterprises. We also provide commissioned research and development services for public organizations and companies.

Focus of our research

In our international research networks, we make a long-term contribution to the development of the field and bring our expertise to the use of our partners. HAMK Tech will invest significantly in implementing new research openings and expanding the effectiveness of research activities.

In the research entity of HAMK, HAMK Tech’s role is to produce technological solutions for multidisciplinary and transformative science research.

HAMK Tech’s key research areas are materials, design and manufacturing technologies, construction and the energy efficiency of the built environment. Research activities aim at ecologically sustainable solutions, considering the effects on the climate and the circulation of materials.

Our materials research focuses on the mechanical properties of metals and the long-term durability of materials. Our special research areas are forming and joining of metals, additive manufacturing materials and utilization of bio-based materials in coatings. Central to our research activities is considering the environmental impact of materials and increasing the use of bio-based materials in various applications. In sheet metal technology research, we are in the national forefront.

The focus of our design and manufacturing technology research is the development of new design and manufacturing methods. Our research focuses on the application of digital methods in design and manufacturing (optical measurements, virtual and augmented reality), additive manufacturing methods and collaborative robotics. Robotics research focuses mainly on autonomous artificial intelligence robots as well as communication and collaboration between robots.

Our key areas in construction research are load bearing steel structures, especially sheet metal and high-strength steel applications. We focus in particular on new construction solutions, the development of structural design methods and the promotion of the reuse of structures.

Our energy efficiency research focuses on optimizing the energy efficiency of buildings. Our research areas include especially intelligent control and optimization systems for buildings, as well as distributed small-scale energy production and storage. Various applications of measurement technology play an important role in our research activities.



Energy efficiency

Bioeconomy 4.0

  • 1.5.2019-30.4.2021
  • Funding: Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, ELY Center (ESF funding)
  • Project manager: Timo Kärppä


Biopohjaiset pinnoitetut ohutlevytuotteet (Bio-based Colour Coated Steel Sheet Products)

  • 1.12.2018-30.11.2020
  • Funding: Business Finland and companies participating to project
  • Project manager: Johanna Hiljanen

Long term durability

Biohäive – Ultrakevyet häivemateriaalit luonnon raaka-aineista (Ultralight stealth materials from bio-based materials)

  • 1.4.2019-31.12.2020
  • Funding: The Scientific Advisory Board For Defence (MATINE)
  • The project is coordinated by Aalto University, HAMK Tech is a subcontractor
  • Contact person: Päivi Laaksonen

Biopohjaiset pinnoitetut ohutlevytuotteet (Bio-based Colour Coated Steel Sheet Products)

  • 1.12.2018-30.11.2020
  • Funding: Business Finland and companies participating to project
  • Project manager: Johanna Hiljanen

Bioeconomy 4.0

  • 1.1.2019-31.12.2021
  • Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The project is coordinated by HAMK Bio research unit, HAMK Tech is a supporting partner

BioColour — Bio-based Dyes and Pigments for Colour Palette

  • 1.6.2019-30.9.2022
  • Funding: Academy of Finland
  • The project is coordinated by Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science HELSUS,
  • HAMK is a supporting partner, project manager: Päivi Laaksonen

Carbon 4.0

  • 1.3.2019-31.12.2020
  • Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture
  • The project is coordinated by HAMK Bio research unit, HAMK Tech is a supporting partner

Steel structures

Teräsrakenteiden paloturvallisuussuunnittelun numeeriset analyysimenetelmät, FE-SFS (The numerical methods of analysis for steel structures’ fire safety)

  • 1.1.2019-30.6.2021
  • Funding: Fire Protection Fund
  • Project manager: Zhongcheng Ma


Robo learn

  • 1.8.2019-31.8.2021
  • Funding: Häme Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, ELY Center (ESF funding)
  • Project is coordinated by the City of Riihimäki, HAMK is a supporting partner
  • In cooperation HAMK Smart

Robo Riksu

  • 1.8.2018-31.12.2020
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (ERDF funding)
  • Project is coordinated by the City of Riihimäki, HAMK is a supporting partner
  • In cooperation HAMK Smart

Yhteistyörobotiikka – Robotiikan toinen sukupolvi (Collaborative robotics — the second generation of robotics)

  • 1.8.2019-30.9.2021
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme, Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (ERDF funding), City of Hämeenlinna, City of Riihimäki
  • In cooperation HAMK Edu and HAMK Smart

Other projects of the research unit

Rakennusosat ja materiaalit kiertoon – kokeiluilla uutta liiketoimintaa, HYPPY (Structural components and materials into circulation – new business by experimenting)

  • 1.6.2019-31.8.2022
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (ERDF funding)
  • The project is coordinated by Green Net Finland ry, HAMK is a supporting partner  (contact person Markku Raimovaara)


  • 1.9.2018-31.8.2020
  • Funding: Erasmus+
  • Project manager: Jari Komsi

Steel Cladding Systems for Stabilization of Steel Buildings in Fire (StabFi)

  • 7.2017 – 30.6.2020
  • Funding: Research Fund for Coal and Steel
  • The project is coordinated by Tampere University of Technology, HAMK is a supporting partner, the project manager is Zhongcheng Ma

Rakas raskas raksa

  • 9.2018-31.12.2019
  • Funding: The Finnish Work Environment Fund
  • The project is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences, HAMK is a supporting partner, the project manager is Jari Komsi

LEANistä edistyksellistä kilpailukykyä, LEK (Progressive competitiveness with LEAN)

  • 11.2016-31.12.2019
  • Funding: Häme Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, ELY Center
  • Project manager: Virve Kentta

Multidisciplinary Systems Analytics for Buildings (MSAB)

  • 3.-31.7.2019
  • Funding: Business Finland
  • In cooperation: University of Jyväskylä, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • A co-innovation project Dataa fiksusta rakennuksesta (DAFIRA) is being prepared in co-creation project funded by Business Finland

Maa-aines ja uusiovirtojen tehokas hallinta Forssan seudulla, FORMA (Efficient management of soil and recycled material flow in Forssa area)

  • 9.2018-31.5.2019
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (ERDF funding)
  • Project manager: Markku Raimovaara

Kokeilujen 3D-klubi (The 3D club of experiments)

  • 5.2018-30.4.2019
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (Regional innovations and experimentations funding AIKO)
  • Project manager: Timo Kärppä


  • 4.2018-30.4.2019
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (Regional innovations and experimentations funding AIKO)
  • In cooperation with HAMK Edu research unit
  • Project manager: Tapio Väisänen

Likaisen muovijätteen keräys ja kierto, LiMuKe (Collecting and recycling of soiled plastics waste)

  • 9.2016-31.12.2018
  • Funding: Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council (ERDF funding)
  • The project is coordinated by University of Turku, HAMK is a supporting partner, the project manager is Anne-Mari Järvenpää

Pintafotobioreaktori – ratkaisu levänkasvun vähentämiseen ja levän hyötykasvattamiseen (Surfacefotobio reactor – solution for algae growth)

  • 1.-31.12.2018
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (Regional innovations and experimentations funding AIKO)
  • Project manager: Tiina Vuorio

Uutta vetovoimaa energiatehokkaista teräsrakenteista, UVVET (New attraction with energy efficient steel structures)

  • 1.2015-30.6.2018
  • Funding: Regional Council of Häme (ERDF funding)
  • Project manager: Annikki Rosberg

Tarkalla ohjauksella energiatehokkuutta, TOE (Energy efficiency with precise control)

  • 8.2015-31.3.2018
  • Funding: Council of Tampere Region (ERDF funding)
  • Project manager: Susan Heikkilä

DIMECC Breakthrough Steels and Applications (BSA)

  • 2014-2017
  • Project is coordinated by Spinverse Oy

DIMECC Hybrid Materials (HYBRIDS)

  • 2014-2017
  • Project is coordinated by Spinverse Oy



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