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RUN European University
Euroopan kartta, jossa on korostettuna RUN -Eurooppa-yliopiston korkeakoulujen sijainnit (Suomi, Alankomaat, Irlanti, Portugal, Unkari, Itävalta)
Map of RUN European University network

RUN European University

RUN European University

RUN-EU (The Regional University Network – European University) brings together seven European higher education institutions from six different countries, all committed to a common vision. Together they form the Regional University Network (RUN), the aim of which is to secure economical, societal, cultural and ecological sustainable progress within their regions and among stakeholders.

RUN European University aims to jointly develop cutting-edge teaching, learning and research to meet the future competence needs of the surrounding world. Over the course of the three-year projectRUN-EU will deliver short and flexible student and staff mobilities, create research collaboration and research groups, introduce PhD paths, plan and implement double and joint degrees, and also build joint administrative structures.  

In the summer of 2020, the European Commission awarded the European University status and funding to Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland) and the other six network universities in order to launch the activities of RUN European University during the next three years. 

The RUN European University consists of 7 HEIs: 

All universities are situated outside the metropolitan areas and they play a major role within their region. Polytechnic of Leiria (Portugal) is the coordinator of the network. 

Our students will inherit the future

RUN European University aims to develop high quality teching and reasearch, which develop skills needed in the future societies. 

For students, RUN European University creates new possibilities for short, international study modules – and also more traditional study exchange opportunities. We are developing new double degrees, which offer students possibilites to study their degree in two different countries and get a degree certificate from both universities. One of RUN-EU’s ambitious goals is to open up 24 new double degree programmes.

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In practice, our objectives are achieved through eight work packages that aim at creating a joint European University.

  • Work Package 1: Coordination and Management 
  • Work Package 2: European Innovation Hubs  
  • Work Package 3: Future and Advanced Skills Academies 
  • Work Package 4: European Mobility Innovation Centre 
  • Work Package 5: RUN-EU Discovery Program 
  • Work Package 6: Short Advanced Programmes  
  • Work Package 7: Collaborative European Degrees 
  • Work Package 8: Dissemination and Sustainablility 

All RUN-EU higher education institutions participate in all the work packages and each work package has been assigned a leading responsible university. Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) is the leader of Work Package 3: Future and Advanced Skills Academies. In addition, HAMK is the co-leader in Work Package 7: Collaborative European Degrees. 


Three students in RUN superweek

RUN -Eurooppa-yliopisto @ INSTAGRAM

What an inspiring week! 🤩 This week we hosted RUN-EU Super Week with around 60 students and staff members. The week revolved around future skills, Design Factory culture and pedagogical development of @run_europeanuniversity.

Thank you for all participants and safe travels back home!💙

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Ole osa kansainvälistä korkeakouluyhteisöä! Tiesitkö, että HAMKissa on edustettuna yli 70 eri kansalaisuutta? 🌍

Sen lisäksi, että HAMKissa on kansainvälisiä opiskelijoita eri puolilta maailmaa, on opiskelijoillamme paljon erilaisia mahdollisuuksia vaihto-opintoihin ja kansainvälisiin projekteihin! Jokainen hamkilainen pääsee esimerkiksi halutessaan vaihtoon.🙌 HAMK on myös osa seitsemän eurooppalaisen korkeakoulun muodostamaa RUN-EU (Regional University Network - European University) yhteisöä, joka mahdollistaa esimerkiksi korkeakoulujen välisiä projekteja ja lyhyempiä kansainvälisiä opintojaksoja joko Suomessa tai eri puolilla Eurooppaa. 🇪🇺

Oonan ja muiden opiskelijoiden kansainvälisiä vaihtokokemuksia voit käydä lukemassa HAMKin blogista 👉

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Hey student! ✋ Did you already notice that we are looking for HAMK students from various disciplines and backgrounds to join the RUN European University Student Board?

What you can expect as a Student Board Member?
✨International competence
✨Innovation workshops
✨Brainstorming sessions
✨RUN-EU Annual Student Week in one of the RUN-EU countries!
✨Communication with other RUN-EU students
✨Promotional work among students, staff and local community

Sounds great! 😍 You’ll also gain credits, get a certificate of participation and important addition to your CV. To learn more about RUN European University, check out our highlight “RUN EU” 👈

Got interested? You can apply by filling in the application form. You’ll find the link in our bio. #hamk #RUN_EU

Do you want to join a Community of Practice for Postgraduate Research Supervisors, by undertaking some short training?

tus_ire is organising a RUN-EU online Research Supervision Masterclass, by Dr Hugh Kearns (ThinkWell), for shared learning and discovery in their supervision practice and experience.

The workshop is open to all postgraduate supervisors who are well-established in their postgraduate supervision.

+INFO: (link in bio)

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Leonor Neves, a aluna premiada da 2ª Bolsa de Residência Artística RAMA para finalistas de Mestrado em Artes Plásticas, da ESAD.Cr, convida para a exposição individual que resulta da atribuição da Bolsa, e que inaugura dia 28 de Janeiro.
A exposição intitula-se A Sombra do vento, e conta com curadoria de Ana Anacleto.

28 JAN > 08 ABR . 2023

+ info:

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📢 The Call for Papers for CONFIA 2023 is now open!

🔗 Jointly organised by ipca.instituto.politecnico (IPCA School of Design and ID+) and the politecnico_de_leiria (esadcr), the 10th International Conference on Illustration and Animation CONFIA 2023, will take place from 6-7 July in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

✏️ It will focus on illustration and the animated image, from the construction of the narrative to character development, from art theory to critical reflection on the objects that populate the market and the industry.

➡️ Submit your Paper now!


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