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Study opportunities for Ukrainians

Updated: 6.11.2023 11:25

Study opportunities

In response to the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine, Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) offers study opportunities for Ukrainians.

The Finnish higher education system consists of universities and universities of applied sciences. Universities of applied sciences offer professionally oriented higher education on bachelor’s and master’s level and have strong ties with the world of work and regional development.

Ukrainian students who are granted temporary protection can apply to HAMK’s degree programmes. They will get a full humanitarian scholarship for their tuition fees for academic years 2022-2025.

Links to study opportunities

  • Degree programmes: We offer English-taught Bachelor’s degree programmes and Master’s degree programmes.
    • HAMK’s Direct application for Bachelor’s degree programmes is open during 1 November 2023 – 31 March 2024.
    • HAMK’s Direct application for Master’s degree programmes is open during 1 February – 31 March 2024.
    • Joint application for all Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes is open during 3 January – 17 January 2024.
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  • Study Paths: Study paths are study modules that consist of courses that belong to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. After completing the required number of credits, you can apply as a degree student without an entrance examination. The enrolment is open in the beginning of August. More information on the Study Paths.
  • OODI studies: online studies offered by five Finnish universities of applied sciences.
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  • Resource Wise Sustainability Studies: 22 cr Master’s level studies
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  • Sustainable Dairy Systems
    1. Resource efficient and sustainable feed production 15 ects
    2. Animal husbandry and welfare 15 ects
    3. Food Safety, Quality and Security 15 ects
    4. Dairy Processing 15 ects
  • Basics of soilless culture in greenhouses and tunnels in Nordic conditions

In case you need help in finding out what study options might suit you, contact

Support for students and staff

HAMK condemns Russia’s attack on Ukraine and we support the Ukrainians.

We support our Ukrainian students with tuition fees.

At the same time, we believe it is very important that here at HAMK we take care of the team spirit and treat everyone well. We do not condone hate speech or accusations of individuals because of their nationality or origin.

We want to support our students and the entire work community in every way possible.
We have returned or are returning to campuses after two years of the pandemic. It is very important that we can meet each other again, study and work together.

The uncertain situation raises a wide range of concerns. We’ve put together a list of people you can contact if the situation is distressing.

Support and help

Contact information for HAMK’s Student Wellbeing Services

Special needs teacher Samu Toivonen, +358 50 577 6312
Student Councelling Psychologist Maija Partanen, +358 50 4063 124

School pastors

Evo: Iina Jokilaakso, 040 8049502,
Forssa: Eikka Kähärä, 050 4032245,
Hämeenlinna: Ville Halkoluoto, 0408049302
Lepaa: Aleksi Riikonen, 040 827 7635,
Mustiala: Juha Koivulahti, 040 8049534,
Riihimäki: Kalle Leppälä, 050 3644190,
Valkeakoski: Arni Hukari, 040 7441653,


Nyyti’s Chat is a place for sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences. This group chat is meant for all students. More information about the chats and how to participate here.

Read also Nyyti’s article How to deal with the feelings, fears and conserns caused by war.


MIELI Mental Health Finland provides a Crisis Helpline which allows you to discuss your thoughts, feelings and situation in life with a crisis worker or a trained volunteer. The Crisis Helpline offers help in Arabic and English via telephone on 09 2525 0113 and on WhatsApp on 040 195 8202. You can call us anonymously and confidentially. Check the opening hours of the Helpline.

Finnish Student Health Service

Tips by FSHS psychologists to deal with reactions to the war

Red Cross

Finnish Red Cross experts have gathered some help and information if you feel conserned, anxious or upsett because of the war in Ukraine. Read the tips here.

For staff, occupational health care

Terveystalo professionals have gathered information and tips on how to take care of yourself during a crisis. 

HAMK and international co-operation

In international cooperation, we follow the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as EU guidelines. In accordance with these instructions, all HAMK’s project activities and cooperation with Russia have been suspended.

HAMK’s multinational community includes degree students and staff from all around the world, including Ukraine and Russia. However, there are no exchange students from HAMK in Ukraine or Russia, and we do not have exchange students from these countries.

We have set up a coordination group at HAMK, which has met and will meet as necessary to discuss the effects of the war in Ukraine. It includes the President, Vice President, Director of Finance and Administration, Director of Real Estate, Research Director and Head of Strategic Communications. We also participate in meetings organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, where the effects of the situation on universities are reviewed.