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Projects and theses

Develop activities with students.

Students have fresh ideas and enthusiasm that can drive your organisation forward in many different ways. The most successful outcome is achieved when both parties are committed: the student cooperation requires a willingness on the part of the employer to give time to mentoring. Projects are also carried out in the rhythm of studies.

Projects are development tasks, design, product development or applied research directly serving the working world.


Development, design, product development or applied research directly serving working life.

Student projects

Part of the curriculum in all our degree programmes, so there’s a wide range of subjects and topics. Assignments can include finding a solution to a business challenge, background research and mapping, event management, product testing…

Field of technology:

Accessibility mapping, product development for food manufacturing, accessibility mapping, pedestrian and cycle flow research, corrosion testing, structural testing and strength testing, testing and analysis of biomaterials

Field of business:

Customer satisfaction surveys, staff surveys, business growth experiments, design services, social media and content marketing, financial management improvement plan, business financial research

Field of social and health care:

Welfare and health promotion services, Nipsula open early childhood education, simulation training, job coaching

Field of bioeconomy:

Laboratory analyses, lake spatial analysis, spatial data analysis, horticultural experiments, resource and energy mapping, environmental management

Design Factory

Student projects are also carried out in the Design Factory, which is common to all HAMK students and is part of the global Design Factory network developed at Aalto University. It brings together students from different disciplines to solve challenges for companies and organisations. The client receives a concrete prototype of a product, service or concept. Offices are located on the Hämeenlinna, Forssa and Riihimäki campuses.

Forms of cooperation

Product Development Project

In a PDP (Product development project), students create new or develop existing products on behalf of companies and organisations. The final product is a tested prototype for a company based on its needs.

The aim of the project is to identify product development opportunities and seek innovative approaches to development. The courses are international and the student teams include students from different disciplines.

Data Analytics Project

In the Data analytics project, students analyse and visualise data related to different company activities using data analytics. Data analytics is the foundation of information management and the collection of data helps to anticipate the business and the changes around it. The opportunities that data brings provide the horizon to make better decisions faster, streamline operations and potentially find new revenue streams.

Multidisciplinary teams of students work on business assignments for eight weeks. Work at Design Factory is international and the working language is English.

Smart Design

In the Smart Design project, students will design smart products using service design methods, smart business design, IoT opportunities and product development. As a result, multidisciplinary teams build a prototype product.

Building smart products requires an understanding of business, technology, usability, user experience design and product design.

Summer Studies

In a multidisciplinary summer project, students create new or develop existing services or business models, commissioned by companies to address their current challenges.


Workshops can develop multidisciplinary skills. They provide an introduction to the basics of the topics and practical exercises.

The knowledge gained from the workshops can be used to shorten product development chains, with tools such as 3D modelling and printing, laser cutting for prototyping, vector graphics and information design for visualisation and marketing.

The Innovation voucher

The innovation voucher enables new openings to support business growth, product or service development and innovation activities. With an innovation voucher, we can provide expertise in areas such as virtual reality, 3D modelling, data analytics, service design, product development research, print and laser development. The innovation voucher is granted by Business Finland and there is no student cooperation.


A wide range of digital teaching materials and recordings are produced for HAMK’s learning platforms and environments. The material is produced with a low threshold, so we are not aiming for a professional finish produced in studio conditions, but we are building accessible and cost-effective implementations for different needs. Filming can be arranged at HAMK’s facilities or elsewhere as required.

Video shootings can be arranged for panels, lectures, events, interviews, fashion shows or podcasts. We can take care of filming, editing, subtitling, streaming and recording.

The cooperation was fruitful. I think it is important that the subject is interesting for the student. Then the student is motivated to do genuinely useful work.

The student listened to our wishes and independently limited the huge amount of material.

Henni Paronen
commissioner of the thesis
Alva Hyvinvointi

The students knew how to make campaigns from a young person’s point of view, which is important. With their help, I saved weeks of my working time.

It’s worth getting involved in student projects, but it’s a good idea to think carefully about the assignment.

Outi Koskinen
Client for student project
Oma Häme


The teaching is work-based and often project-based, which means that the modules are based on learning and insights gained through practical work-life projects.

HAMK has students from the fields of bioeconomy, health, education, business, design and technology. Our degree programmes and their descriptions can be found here.


Theses and projects

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