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Creative industries in the web3 era

Web 3.0 is a phase in the evolution of the Internet, which aims to provide services that enable decentralized decision-making and commerce.

Web 3.0 development brings many opportunities, but also concerns and risks for content creators and producers in the digital sectors. The Web 3.0 era will bring with it a demand for new skills in digital and monetization models.

The Creatives in the web3 era builds on the Creatives in the Metaverse (LUME) case study, which found that gaps in digital skills are a barrier to development in creative industries. Our goal is to support and accelerate the web3 transition in the creative industries by creating a nationally coordinated development process.

Supporting and accelerating the web3 transition in the creative industries can be done by strengthening the national network and skills to meet future skills needs. We will support the creative industries in their transition to the next level of digitalization, with keywords such as blockchains, artificial intelligence, smart contracts, NFTs, digital art, virtual currencies and metaverse. The implementation is done by educational institutions that will train students in the field of cultural production in the whole of Finland.

Our activities in the project aim to enhance digital service design and earning in the creative and cultural sectors, by increasing the skills of trainers using web3 technology. Together with the other partners, the goal is to modernise a wide range of domestic education and training to meet the requirements of the web3 era.

HAMK is coordinating the measure “Web3 skills for the creative industries in the training of trainers”, which aims at developing the competences of trainers. Our target group is the ecosystem of creative web3 trainers in the public, private and third sectors. Our role is to ensure that the results of the project are widely embedded in the training of vocational teachers, so that the necessary innovation skills for the web3 era are integrated into curricula and content as comprehensively as possible. We will bring to the project expertise in developing and evaluating innovation competences and measuring the impact of innovation education.


About the project

  • HAMK Edu research unit is a partner in the Creatives in Web3 age project together with Metropolia (coordinator) and the other partners Arcada, Humak and SeAMK.
  • The project will run from 1.1.2024 to 30.6.2026
  • Creatives in web3 age project is co-funded by the European Social Fund plus (ESF+) and the national funding authority is the Häme ELY Centre.