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Transfer Application

If you are studying at another Finnish higher education insitution, you can apply for a transfer to HAMK during your studies!

Transfer yourself to study at HAMK!

If you are studing in some other Finnish higher education institution, and would like to continue at HAMK, we welcome you!

When you apply transfer to us, you won’t have to participate in, for example, entrance exams again.

You can apply for the transfer of your study right to Häme University of Applied Sciences if

  • You have a study right at another Finnish University of Applied Sciences or Finnish University. Transfers are possible to the same or equivalent program.
  • Your studies have progressed as scheduled (45 ECTS credits per academic year), and you can complete your degree within the original study timeframe. Transfer is not possible if it would extend your study period.

For Bachelor’s degree students, you must have studied at your current university for at least one year, and for Master’s degree students, one semester.

University students: If you have the right to study for both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree, you can apply for a transfer only for the completion of a Bachelor’s degree. The study right for a Master’s degree is applied for through the regular selection process.

For more detailed information on the transfer application process and criteria, please refer to the guidelines below. You can find program-specific additional instructions on the respective program pages:

Possibilites for transfer

Transfer to HAMK via Transfer Application

That’s great that you want to transfer to study at HAMK! Here are the instructions on how to make it happen


You have enough right to study periods left, so that you are able to complete your degree within the right to study periods. The right to study has started when you have enrolled as present for the first time.

You have been enrolled as present student for at least one year at the initial university. A Master’s degree student can transfer already after studying for one semester.

Transferring to Master’s degree studies whose extent is 60 cr (Master’s degree studies in the field of Technology and Natural resources) is possible only after the first semester.

  • If you are a Bachelor’s degree student, you should have completed at least 45 credits / academic year. If you have been enrolled as present for three semesters you should have completed at least 67.5 credits (90 credits during four semesters etc.)
  • Master’s degree student must have proof of progress in studies and studies must be applicable to the degree and also the eligibility for the degree programme in question (education and work experience).

Credit transfers from previous studies or degrees are not counted as records.

If you are applying for a transfer to studies conducted in other language than your current studies you can apply only before the beginning of the second year.

Selection criteria

The applicability of your previous studies to the degree programme of HAMK has an effect on your selection.
The resources of the degree programme (the size of the study group, the amount of students in the degree programme), the reasons of application and the interview also have an effect on the decision.

Applying and application period

Application is at (the name of the application: Transfer application, Häme UAS). The information on degree programmes available in the transfer application will be published at least two weeks before the application period starts. You can fill in the application during the application period.

Application period
  • 2-16 May 3:00 pm (studies starting in autumn
  • 1-15 November 3:00 pm (studies starting in spring)


  • up-to-date transcript of records and certificates for partial completions of courses
  • course descriptions of completed courses
  • study certificate

Please upload the appendices to your application at or send them to the Admission Services of HAMK by 23 May for the transfer application in spring and by 22 November for the transfer application in autumn. If you do not submit the required attachments by the given time you will be defined as not eligible and you cannot be admitted to HAMK in the transfer application.

Student selection results of the transfer application

The results will be published at the latest on:

  • 30 June (studies starting in autumn)
  • 15 December (studies starting in spring)

You must confirm your study place and enroll as present by the given time.

By confirming a study place in the transfer application you at the same time resign from your previous studies.

Transfer within HAMK

If you are a student of HAMK and you would like to transfer your right to study to some other degree programme, please contact the Study Counsellor of the degree programme.

Transferring from one degree programme to another is in general possible already during the first semester.