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Study Guidance

At HAMK, guidance of studies is a big entity that aims at individual support and development. The whole learning community is here to support your learning.

You will receive both pre-planned guidance for your studies and situational, personalized guidance. Your own active role in utilizing the guidance is crucial.

You should seek guidance and counselling especially when:

  • you have just started your studies and you are getting to know your curriculum, study group and campus;
  • you have prior learning, which could be applicable to your degree;
  • you need support to cope with special needs or you need to develop your studying skills;
  • you need to make some kind of a choice in your studies i.e. what to study (how and when) or you continue studying after a period of absence;
  • you need to define your goals or update your personal study plan (PSP);
  • you need to prepare for the guidance discussions (student’s development discussions);
  • it’s time for work placement;
  • you want to go abroad to study or work (please contact HAMK International);
  • it’s time to start the final thesis or
  • you are about to graduate or apply for a job.

Please contact

Bachelor’s degrees in English

Degree educationStudy counsellor
Information and Communication Technology, Circular EconomySatu Alatalo tel. +358 50 4720 392
Information and Communication Technology, Robotics
Electrical and Automation EngineeringLeena Koivisto tel. +358 400 156 698
Climate Smart AgricultureAndra Ruutiainen tel. +358 50 468 5719
Computer ApplicationsAnu Vaaraniemi tel. +358 50 466 7762 and Laura Ihalainen tel. +358 50 408 7186
Construction EngineeringKirsi Liimatainen tel. +358 400 927 181
Health Care, Nursing
International BusinessJohanna Heinola-Lepistö tel. +358 50 5056187
Mechanical Engineering and Production TechnologyKirsi Liimatainen tel. +358 400 927 181
Professional HorticultureAndra Ruutiainen tel. +358 50 468 5719
Smart and Sustainable DesignJohanna Ojanen tel. +358 50 525 0368
Sustainable Forest ManagementAndra Ruutiainen tel. +358 50 468 5719

Master’s degrees in English

Degree educationStudy counsellor
Management in Sustainable BusinessJohanna Heinola-Lepistö tel. +358 50 5056187
Sustainable TechnologiesKirsi Napola tel. +358 50 5745254

Professional teacher education

EducationStudy counsellor
International Professional Teacher EducationEveliina Grönberg tel. +358 40 834 1177

Continuous learning

Open UAS, other education, educational projects etc.

Information for planning your studies