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New technologies to inspire learning and teaching

Future working life and educational institutions need a diverse workforce. Building skills in new technologies, innovations and approaches is essential to enable educational renewal and change.

We are continuing together with Tavastia Education Consortium and Kiipula Foundation, to address the need identified in the Utelias 1.0 – New technologies to inspire learning and teaching project, to increase the knowledge base on XR technologies, learning analytics and artificial intelligence.

Our aim is to increase the awareness of secondary and liberal adult education teachers and tutors of new technologies and virtual learning environments in secondary education institutions in Kanta-Häme.

New technologies and sustainable approaches open up opportunities for educational institutions to develop and expand. The Utelias 2.0 project will increase the capacity of the county’s educational institutions to use new technologies in education through practical training and increased cooperation between institutions.

The project is divided into training for teaching staff, creating a network of peer developers and identifying good practices. After the training periods we will conduct educational pilots using the educational technology solutions presented during the training.

The project will reduce the fears associated with new technologies and lower the threshold for their use in education. We also aim to increase the interest of teaching staff in new technologies.

The main target groups include teachers and tutors from secondary schools, development staff, and teachers and tutors from liberal adult education. The indirect target groups include other education organisers and VET cooperation environments i.e., companies as well as managers and front-line staff of educational institutions.

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Utelias 2.0

The HAMK Edu research unit is the coordinator of the project. HAMK Edu and HAMK Smart work in close cooperation with the Tavastia Education Consortium and the Kiipula Foundation.

The project will duration is from 1.1.2024 to 31.12.2025.

The Utelias 2.0 project is co-financed by the European Social Fund plus (ESF+) and the national funding authority is the Häme ELY Centre.