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Carbon-wise biogas and nutrients for circulation in Kanta-Häme

Hämeen liitto. Regional council of Häme. Kirjoitettu mustalla. Ylhäällä punainen vaakuna.

Project information

ProjectCarbon-wise biogas and nutrients for circulation in Kanta-Häme
Duration1.1.2023 – 31.12.2025
PartnersHäme University of Applied Sciences,
Natural Resources Institute Finland
FundingERDF (European Regional Development Fund) via Regional Council of Häme.
Budget450 000 €

The aim of the BioKanta project is to promote the successful implementation of biogas investments in the Kanta-Häme region.

The project conducts reviews of biogas solutions of different sizes and based on different inputs, prepares guidelines for those considering plant investments, and produces research data on farm-scale processing solutions to promote the nutrient and carbon cycle.

The project takes into account the needs of operators in the Kanta-Häme region and takes into account practices that best serve special characteristics.

Target group

All actors interested in biogas. In particular, operators in agriculture, industry, and the waste and water management sector producing waste and side streams suitable for biogas production. Operators interested in biogas production and processing and use of biogas and digestate. Private operators, development companies, public municipal- and advisory-, education- and research organizations.

Operating region


Contact information

Elina tampio



Luke, natural resources institute Finland.