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Kaupunkivihreää harmaan kaupunkimaiseman kyljessä


Carbon Smart Urban Green Infrastructure

Basic information

Individuals, communities and municipalities mitigating climate change by carbon-smart green space

Urban green infrastructure (UGI) can be considered to be a next-generation solution for society to simultaneously deal with climate and social pressures. The potential of UGI to mitigate climate through carbon sequestration and storage (CSS) has not yet been fully harnessed in urban planning, particularly when viewed in a system with other socio-ecological impacts of UGI.

In CO-CARBON, we will develop a new concept of carbon-smart UGI, and through co-creative processes, create science-based solutions to support its implementation among the society. We will adopt a systemic approach where the solutions to maximise CSS are considered together with other environmental and societal factors. The scientific aims are to quantify CSS at different urban scales and support the practical operations for the planning and management needs of carbon-smart UGI.

Project duration: 1.10.2020-30.9.2023

Contact us

Mona Kalpala

  • Research assistant, HAMK Bio