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Data utilization for the development of energy efficiency and low carbon of the real estate

Project Information

ProjectDaKiVE –Data utilization for the development of energy efficiency and low carbon of the real estate
Duration1.10.2023 – 30.9.2025
PartnersHäme University of Applied Sciences
Sykli – Environmental College
FundingRegional Council of Häme
Budgetapprox. 290 000 €

Energy efficiency and low-carbon of public buildings is developed with the help of data and intelligent controls.

The operating environment of public buildings, such as school and office buildings, has great potential for utilizing data and digitalization. New digitalization technologies, such as IoT and artificial intelligence, require more expertise and familiarization to understand the needs of different applications.

Those responsible for property maintenance have difficulty keeping up with the development of various services, such as artificial intelligence applications, that control the property through so-called artificial intelligence applications using intelligent controls. Smart controls mean utilizing digitalization and data, for example, to control heating and air conditioning as energy-efficiently as possible while also ensuring high-quality indoor air conditions for both the users of the property and the property itself.

The recent significant increase in the price of energy has made this goal very topical, and smart controls have only been used as pilots in school and office buildings. This project enables their systematic and comprehensive utilization in the properties of Hämeenlinna, Forssa, and Riihimäki, and in addition information will be shared with everyone responsible for the maintenance of public properties in Tavastia Proper.

The project will be implemented by conducting practical pilots in Forssa and Riihimäki and by participating in the implementation of the system for energy and indoor air condition management in Hämeenlinna.

In addition, the project will create a digital twin to which various pilot sites will be connected, and the digital twin is intended to be used for development work to create new services and innovations. The end result of the project is enabling the large-scale utilization of intelligent controls in the entire Tavastia Proper area, and companies in the field will be involved in this. One of the goals is also to create an ecosystem of industry players for long-term development.

Target Group

The project’s target group is the owners of public organizations in Tavastia Proper and organizations responsible for maintenance, as well as companies offering intelligent controls.

Area of Operation

The project operates in the Tavastia Proper.

Project goals and results


  1. To pilot and create an action plan for the introduction and large-scale utilization of intelligent controls in Forssa’s public properties.
  2. Utilize the piloting of intelligent control already done in Riihimäki and based on that, create an action plan for the introduction and large-scale use of intelligent controls in Riihimäki’s public properties.
  3. Supporting the procurement of Hämeenlinna’s energy and indoor air conditions management system and sharing Hämeenlinna’s experiences among other operators.
  4. Starting RDI cooperation with leading Finnish companies in the field.
  5. Communication and information sharing about project results.


  • cooperation with companies and research institutes
  • taking into use new work methods utilizing digital technology
    • implementation and plan of smart controls in Forssa’s public properties
    • implementation and plan of smart controls in public buildings in Riihimäki
    • support in the procurement of Hämeenlinna’s energy and indoor air conditioning system
  • digital twin -experimental environment
  • data-based services and innovations
  • sharing knowledge about intelligent control systems
  • an ecosystem for long-term development, in which the public organizations of Tavastia Proper and the SMEs of the sector work together

Concat Information

Project Manager:
HAMK, Atte Partanen
Sykli, Tapio Pelto

HAMK, Heidi Kerkola
Sykli, Timo Lahti

Tapio pelto

asiantuntija, hiilineutraali kiertotalous


timo lahti

asiantuntija, hiilineutraali kiertotalous