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Research permit

Do you need a research permit?

Research permit is a permission to approach an organization, its staff and students with a study project aimed at them. A research permit is required for all research, development projects and theses that are targeted at the staff or students at HAMK (e.g. surveys).

Applying for a research permit

HAMK’s research permit application form can be found behind the link: HAMK research permit application (.docx).

Research, thesis or project plan and data management plan must be enclosed with the application. If the research is meant to be done in a way that requires an ethical review, the ethical review must be enclosed with the permit application.

If personal data will be managed in the research, a privacy notice must also be enclosed with the application.

Filling out and sending the application

The person applying for the permit must always sign the permit application. The signed application will be scanned and emailed to

The application must be filled out so that it does not include confidential information.

Processing of applications in HAMK

When your application is received by HAMK, it is first checked and then sent for assessment by the Dean who covers the research topic in question. Please reserve enough time for this process. The decision will be made by the Finance and Administration Director or the Dean.

Confidential information

Do the attachments (research plan) include confidential information?

HAMK staff and students

Send your application with the attachments as an encrypted email to Instructions for sending an encrypted email can be found here (HAMK’s intranet, requires login).

Applicants from outside of HAMK

Submit your application with the attachments by mail to:
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu, Pl. 230, 13101 Hämeenlinna. Mark the envelope with: “Application for a research permit”.

Carrying out a survey

We recommend using the HAMK Yammer to distribute a permitted survey to HAMK staff or students.


You can ask further questions about research permits in HAMK by email,
Please read the instructions on the web page thoroughly first. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember that answering your question may take longer around holidays.