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Practical Teacher Training

A crucial part of the studies for professionall teacher education students is teaching practice.


The practical teacher training is worth 10 credit points as part of the professional teacher education programme. Upon completion of the practical teacher training, you will be expected to be able to plan and deliver teaching and evaluate students’ work and their development. In addition, you should be familiar with the premises of teaching work and know how to act in a vocational education environment.

Practical teacher training documents

The practical teacher training begins in spring when the student teachers become acquainted with the learning environment in which their placement will take place. The student teacher will also become familiar with the standards, regulations, and guidelines guiding professional training, sources of funding for vocational training, and the working practices of professional teachers.

During the practical teacher training, and in addition to other study activities, a teaching module worth approximately 3 credits will be planned and then taught to the professional student group. The number of contact teaching hours can vary by institute and the training may also include other activities than classroom teaching, such as distance guidance, online teaching, cooperation with business and industry, and guidance for on-the-job learning. The practical teacher training is usually scheduled for the second semester. The placement involves teaching and guidance of learning in a variety of professional learning environments, as well as student assessment.

During the practical teacher training, the student teacher will be supervised by the student’s tutor teacher and a supervising teacher from the placement organisation.

The practical teacher training takes place in a professional training setting, such as a professional educational institution, adult educational centre or a university of applied sciences. The teaching should primarily be part of the training for a particular certification or qualification.

It is also possible to conduct practical teacher training period abroad. The requirements for the practical teacher training institutions, qualifications for the supervising teacher and the content of the practical teacher training period are described above. However, you are required to plan your teacher practice well in advance together with your tutor teacher and your supervising teacher. The documentation of your teacher practice consists of both written and audio-visual materials based on the meeting between you, your supervising teacher, and your tutor teacher before the start of your teacher practice. Before the start of your practical teacher training period, the plan has to be approved by the tutor teacher.

As part of the practical teacher training, an agreement is made with the placement organisation and includes arrangements for the supervising teacher. A written plan is also made for the placement. A form is provided for this purpose. Towards the end of the placement period, a joint review meeting will be held with the supervising teacher. Supervising teachers may submit invoices for their work once this evaluation is complete. The supervising teacher is paid EUR 295 for supervising the teacher training.

The supervision fee is invoiced from HAMK via electronic invoice service (available only in Finnish) or via paper invoice. The invoicing instructions are sent to the supervising teacher by e-mail after the practical teacher training has been completed.

Agreement and assessment documentation can be sent electronically to: