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HAMK uses electronic examination through the EXAM system.

At HAMK, electronic examinations are conducted in the EXAM system within the exam studio. The EXAM system enhances flexibility in examinations, as it allows for regular exams, retakes, and maturity tests.

For more detailed information regarding exams and retake opportunities, please check instructions from your study courses Learn-platform and consult with your teacher.

HAMK’s Exam Studios

Hämeenlinna University Centre

Riihimäki Campus

Valkeakoski Campus

Forssa Campus (4th floor)


HAMK students can make reservations for examination studios at other universities participating in the exam visitation network.

The student logs into HAMK’s EXAM system, registers for the EXAM exam as usual, selects another university’s exam aquarium as the examination venue, and books the exam time.

Cheating situations

If a student is caught cheating, they will be immediately removed from the premises, and the performance will be deemed invalid.

Cheating may include, for instance, using prohibited materials during an exam, copying another examinee’s answers, using a phone during the exam, engaging in conversation, or collaborating during the examination.

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