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RUN European University for student

HAMK is part of the RUN-EU network of eight European universities. As a HAMK student, you can take advantage of the great opportunities RUN-EU offers to gain international study experiences!

As a student, you can benefit from RUN European University in three ways. See below which suits you best and apply!

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Common curricula

RUN European University’s joint curricula is open to all HAMK degree students. The studies consist of short courses, SAPs (Short Advanced Programme), which you can choose and add to your degree according to your interests. All credits from the SAPs will be included in your degree.

SAPs are multidisciplinary, international courses, where you study together with other students and teachers from all over Europe. With a wide range of subjects on offer, SAPs are a great way to broaden your HAMK degree. For each SAP you will receive a certificate and a transcript of records.

The courses range from 1-6 credits, and each SAP includes an online course and a 1-2 week residential course either at HAMK or at RUN schools in Ireland, Portugal, the Netherlands, Austria or Hungary.

Apply to join us!

For the latest information on SAP courses and application forms for SAP studies, please visit the RUN-Europe website. Find out more about the SAP selection here.

Scholarships are available for attending the SAP study weeks in the near future.

Student representatives

Student engagement is central to the RUN European University initiative. Students from each university have from the very beginning been involved in defining activities and student engagement channels in RUN European University. For instance, the RUN Challenge concept, developed by students to tackle social problems, and the Annual Student Week, presented by students, have been included in the activities implemented in the project.

Currently, the most important student engagement channel is the RUN-EU Student Council. Each RUN university has its own Student Council with 15 students from different fields of education. The students participate in the development work of RUN-EU in work packages, are involved in the implementation of SAPs and other mobility opportunities and are in contact with other student representatives of the RUN-EU institutions. In addition, the students participate in the annual Student Week event where they meet other student representatives. The president and vice-president of each Student Council attend the RUN European University Steering Committee meeting at the annual RUN-EU General Assembly.

At HAMK, the term of office of the RUN-EU Student Council is one year, starting in January. In the future, the call for applications will take place at the end of each year. The Student Council will be completed in early 2024.

HAMK Student Council members for 2024:

  • Adam Kessa, Computer Applications 
  • Alina Martjanova, International Business
  • Diana Dmitrovskaya, Smart and Sustainable Design
  • Dieu Le, Biotechnology and Food Engineering
  • Dominik Storinský, Electrical Engineering
  • Dorota Kaňuchová, Smart and Sustainable Design
  • Duy Tran Huynh An, Computer Applications
  • Ha Anh Nguyen, International Business
  • Maren Heijari, Sustainable development
  • Oshani Bamunu Mudiyanselage, Smart Organic Farming
  • Pramod Pokhrel, Construction Engineering
  • Roy Liu, Computer Applications
  • Sajad Amiri, Sähkö- ja automaatiotekniikka
  • Susanna Kuisma, Sosionomi
  • Tatiana Veteskova, Construction Engineering

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Opportunities for exchanges

You can also take traditional exchange courses at RUN-EU universities.

Information for planning your studies