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Information for new students
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Information for new students

Welcome to study at HAMK

You will find important information for new students from the links below. See also instructions how to activate your user ID and get access to all HAMK’s student systems. 

Information for new students 

Choose the education you have enrolled on: 

You will receive an email once your student ID has been created. This ID gives you access to all HAMK’s student systems. You may activate your ID at with Finnish banking codes, a mobile ID or an ID card. If you don’t have a Finnish mobile ID, ID card or banking codes, you may activate the ID through self-service (without strong identification).

For more information and in case of an error, please contact ServiceDesk.

NOTE: you can login to ServiceDesk if you already have HAMK student ID. If you don’t have HAMK student ID, please send email, that creates a ticket automatically:
Include a descriptive subject line and detailed description!

Logging in to HAMK services is done by either using short form of username or long form of username. For most of the services the short form of username is used. In practice the long form of username is used only when logged in to HAMK website or when services by Microsoft are used.

Short username is typed in form firstname123 or uname. Short username is usually typed into Shibboleth login window. It is also used in HAKA login.

Long username is typed in form or

Short username is used in following HAMK services: Tuudo, Learn (+ old Moodle), Zoom, Kaltura, Exam, Patu, Pakki/Peppi, Finna, Webropol, ServiceDesk, MOT dictionary, VDI Virtual Desktop and MyFiles.

Long username is used in: Teams, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Yammer and other Office apps, (staff only) and Google’s services.

Kirjautuminen lyhyttunnuksella
Login window when short username is used
Kirjautuminen pitkällä tunnuksella
Login window when long username is used

IT Services

You can easily find all IT services listed and links to instructions here. You can search for services with a keyword, mark services as your favourite, so you can return to them next time or browse the automatically updated list of most searched services.

Studying on your personal computer

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) refers to the use of your personal devices for study and work purposes while inside HAMK’s premises. Your studies at HAMK will not always be tied to any specific times or classroom facilities. Your studies will include digital learning environments and materials.

Digipedagogical guidelines is where you’ll find the guidelines for utilizing digital tools in HAMK gathered in one place.