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Kuuntele Study Modes 31.01.2023 14:00 HAMK offers you ways to study that suit you best and fit in with your lifestyle. Different options available At HAMK, we offer three different study options. Full-time studies (8-16), are based on the idea ofcontinue reading

Study modes; Computer Applications

Studying Computer applications at HAMK 13.11.2018 12:17 Computer Applications (BBA) consists of 3,5 years of studies, which combine lectures and real work life connections, meaning that every student will spend a large part of their studies in an actual workplacecontinue reading

Study modes; Construction Engineering

Study modes in Construction Engineering 10.11.2022 11:19 The studies include traditional lectures, laboratory works, working in the groups, visits to companies and building sites and project works. Keeping students central is our principle in everything we do. In Construction engineeringcontinue reading

Study modes; Electrical and Automation Engineering

Study modes in Electrical and Automation Engineering 13.11.2018 12:25 In Electrical and Automation Engineering students will study together in weekdays Monday to Friday between 8-16. Studying is equivalent to working at a job: the student is present and works togethercontinue reading

Study modes; International Business

Study modes in International Business 13.11.2018 12:23 8-16 and 18-100 study modes Learning by Doing Theory supported by practice forms the basis of your University of Applied Sciences studies. The Degree Programme in International Business provides a flexible combination ofcontinue reading

Study modes; Smart Organic Farming

Study modes in Smart Organic Farming 25.08.2022 10:45   8–16 Working day kind of a way to study (Full-time studies): If you study in the full-time study mode, your studies will proceed at a steady pace in a familiar studentcontinue reading