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22.05.2019 13:21

Students enrol on resits according to the campus or degree programme procedure. 

Enrolment for resit exam


To increase flexibility in organising resits, we have set up EXAM studios and started to use electronic resit service. The first studios were opened in Hämeenlinna, Riihimäki and Valkeakoski and they are open daily. EXAM service and electronic exams provide flexible ways of taking monitored exams, see instructions in the bottom of IT-services page>> 


Coming on autumn semester 2019:


The resit exam days, times and related degree programme specific instructions can be found by selecting your degree programme from the link list on this page.

Enrolment through Pakki. The enrolment period ends 14 days before the examination day.

  • The student has the right to retake an exam twice if having a fail grade and has the right to retake a passed course once.
  • You can do maximum two exams in a one resit.
  • If you have problems with your enrolment, please contact the person in charge for resits.

The enrolment is binding. Students can cancel their enrolment through Exams in PAKKI during the enrolment period. Always inform your teacher and the person responsible for the resit exam, if you are not able to come to the examination and the enrolment period is closed (acute illness etc.).

Students may not enrol for a retake examination if

  •  they have not registered for attendance for the academic year
  •  the fail grade is missing
  •  the enrolment period for the examination is not ongoing

Students who are found to be cheating in an examination will be asked to leave the examination session immediately and the examination will be failed.


  • Arrive on time. Those arriving more than 30 minutes after the start time cannot entry
  • Mobile phones must be switched off
  • You must have your personal identification available during the exam
  • Bring writing tools for the examination (Calculators, mobile phones and other electronic devices as well as formula books and dictionaries are not allowed)
  • Students who require special arrangements in accordance with accessibility principles must agree on these in advance
  • Exam supervisors invite the students in by calling their names, show the students to the correct seat and gives the exam questions
  • You may not leave the exam room until 30 minutes after the start time
  • If you leave the exam room, you may not return (unless special arrangements have been made to allow this)
  • The supervisor will not give any clarification of the exam questions
  • Any form of communication or conversation during the exam is forbidden
  • You must return all exam papers at the end
  • The supervisor checks the identity of all candidates when they submit their exam papers

The duration of the examination is three hours.

For more detailed, degree programme specific instructions, select your degree programme from the link list on this page!