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10.05.2021 16:22

EXAM service to offer flexibility for taking exams

EXAM service and electronic exam concept provide a flexible way of taking monitored exams and maturity exams in four HAMK campuses.

EXAM instructions of HAMK: EXAM for electronic individual exams and maturity tests (web page).

Exam visit

Exam visit means that students take their own university’s exam in another university’s EXAM room. HAMK students register and book the exam in HAMK’s EXAM service by using HAMK credentials. HAMK students can make reservations at the exam rooms of other universities within the exam visitation network.

Listing of universities where exam visits are possible: e-exam visit, web page.

Other instructions

For more detailed, degree programme specific instructions, select your degree programme from the link list on this page!

Resit examinations (Enrolment via Pakki)

You will find the resit exam days, times and related degree programme specific instructions from your degree programme’s page that you can access via the link list on this page.

Enrolment in Pakki. The enrolment period ends 14 days before the examination day.

  • The students are permitted two attempts to pass a module; the first attempt and one resit. If you have passed the exam and you want a higher grade, you have the right to resit the exam once.
  • Two exams are the maximum number of retakes you can do during one resit.
  • If you have problems with your enrolment, please contact the person in charge of resits.

The enrolment is binding. Students can cancel their enrolment via Exams in PAKKI during the enrolment period. Always inform your teacher and the person responsible for the resit exam if you cannot come to the examination and the enrolment period is closed (acute illness etc.). Failure to do so will result in the loss of an attempt.

Students may not enrol for a retake if:

  •  they have not registered for attendance for the academic year;
  •  the grade (failed or passed) is missing or
  •  the enrolment period for the examination is closed.

Students who cheat in an examination will be asked to leave the examination session immediately and the examination will be failed.


  • Arrive on time. Those arriving more than 30 minutes after the start time cannot enter
  • Mobile devices must be switched off
  • You must bring your personal identification certificate or identity card with you. We will check it after the exam.
  • Bring writing tools for the examination
  • Students who require special arrangements, in accordance with accessibility principles, must agree on them in advance
  • Exam supervisors invite the students in the exam room by calling their names. They show you where to sit and give you your exam questions.
  • You may leave the exam room until 30 minutes after the start time
  • If you leave the exam room, you cannot return (unless special arrangements have been made to allow it)
  • The supervisor will not give any clarification of the exam questions
  • Any form of communication or conversation during the exam is forbidden
  • You must return all exam papers at the end of the exam session
  • The supervisor checks the identity of all candidates when they submit their exam papers

The total duration of the examination is three hours.

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