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Study Modes

Study Modes

31.01.2023 14:00

HAMK offers you ways to study that suit you best and fit in with your lifestyle.

Different options available

At HAMK, we offer three different study options.

Full-time studies (8-16), are based on the idea of studying intensively five “working days” a week. Part-time studies (18- 100) are designed for people who want to work and study at the same time. We are also developing a tailored, fast-track option (24/7).

The implementation of these study modes may differ between programmes depending on which study mode they emphasise. Also shifting from one mode to another varies between programmes. Please find a detailed description of the study implementation on the webpages of each programme.

8-16: Full time studies

In the full-time study mode, students complete their studies at a steady pace with a familiar student group and with close connection to the world of work. 

  • This study mode suits you if you wish to complete your studies at a steady pace with your student group. During your five-day study week you use a variety of study methods and learn in inspiring work-related environments of HAMK. Working in different groups and teams supports your learning. 
  • This study mode is based on the assumption that you study intensively for five days a week. Your knowledge and skills improve and you are given guidance so that your studies will progress along with your group. This requires that you study full time and you are actively committed to working on a daily basis.

18-100: Part-time studies while working

Part-time studies are usually completed alongside a job, especially while working in the corresponding field. Studies are organised in a multiform way to fit into the schedules of those who work/are employed.

  • This study mode suits you if you wish to continue working while you are studying.
  • You have the opportunity to utilise your work environment as your learning environment and you can combine the development of your professional skills and the development of the workplace.
  • Work experience in your own field is a great advantage, as you can demonstrate your competences through skills demonstration.
  • Your studies progress independently in a group; peer learning and working in networks enhance your professional development.
  • Part of your studies can be completed through a development project. 

24/7: Tailored, fast-track studies

Fast-track studies are for students who are able to build their own personal study plan by utilising different existing study modes (8-16 and 18-100) and virtual resources. 

  • This study mode suits you if you have a clear understanding of your skills and knowledge and you are able to set your own targets. You are willing and able to complete your studies at a faster pace than regular students. You should be systematic and efficient in time management and you should also have the ability to demonstrate an innovative approach to your studies, creativity and collaboration.
  • You are able to recognise and utilise workplace related development projects in your studies. You have the skills to use different types of learning methods: you seek inspiring ways of learning, you find and use different information sources and you also demonstrate your knowledge and skills.