Soft Skills Training and Recruitment of Adult Educators – SOSTRA

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Soft Skills Training and Recruitment of Adult Educators – SOSTRA

SOSTRA is making soft skills visible

Soft Skills Training and Recruitment of Adult Educators – SOSTRA, is an EU funded Erasmus+ Strategic partnership project

SOSTRA project is responding to the new EU Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning (2018) fostering also the development soft skills, often referred to as personal and interpersonal skills, and sometimes to as ‘life’ or ‘socio-emotional skills’. “Our societies and economies rely heavily on highly educated and competent people. Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, intercultural skills, taking initiative and problem solving play an important role in coping with complexity and change in today’s society.”

Soft skills are closely connected with employability and competence development, both being important focus areas also in EU 2020 strategy and joint actions linked thereto. EU countries have different methodologies and approaches on the assessment of soft skills and furthermore on training of teachers. The SOSTRA project is seeking an innovative way to intertwine digital badge-driven learning approaches and competence-based education into soft skills development in the field of European adult education.

Six organizations from Finland, Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain are forming a partnership on soft skills. By joint actions the partners aim to support adult educators, training companies, school-based training centres, training consultants and HR staff in achieving a better understanding of the needs and importance of soft skills in their daily activities and of their further development.


  • to recognize the need of soft skills and competencies in partner countries through 2 Delphi rounds
  • to identify and describe 15 key soft skills and competencies in learning outcomes
  • to develop an online self-reflective test for assessing soft skills
  • to co-create an open badge-driven learning process to improve missing soft skills


  • a list of identified and recognized adult educator’s soft skills
  • an online self-reflective test for adult educators for assessing soft skills
  • a competence-based, open digital badge-driven learning process for improving soft skills
  • educational, multimodal material for developing the missing soft skills

Competence-based and open badge-driven process makes educators´ personal competence development more flexible and personalized. With the help of SOSTRA outputs adult education institutions can apply innovative methods in their Human Resource Management activities, especially in recognizing soft skills during the recruitment process.

SOSTRA outputs will be adapted to local needs and contexts including translations in six languages. The technical solutions will be applicable for average users. This aspect is a conscious criterion ensuring the sustainability of the project results.

Project partners:

  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences, School of Professional Teacher Education, Finland, Project Coordinator
  • Formacion Para El Desarrollo E Insercion, Sociedad Limitada, Spain
  • Universidad De Cordoba, Spain
  • Fondazione Hallgarten-Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca, Italy
  • Orange Hill Sp. Z o.o., Poland
  • Centrul Pentru Promovarea Invatarii Permanente Timisoara Asociatia, Romania

Remark: The European Commission accepts no responsibility for the contents of this website.




3 weeks ago


”Empathy, resilience, team working, communication, positive attitude, flexibility, trustworthy, humble, perception, building self-confidence”...
We jointly collected HAMK’s (FI) global teachers’ and school managers’ opinion about the soft skills.
How would you continue? What is the most important soft skill for you as a teacher?

Special thanks go to all committed visitors 💝 #myhamk
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Sanna Ruhalahti you are amazing. Nice task. I would say dialogical skills, for sure, it would be a very important skill for a teacher. In many situations with colleagues and with students this skill bring you opportunity to connect, to learn more, renew your self and build up new things!!! 😊😍 I'm curious to read this small paper about Soft skills. Is to small! 😊😋

4 weeks ago


What are the most important soft skills for you as a teacher, trainer and educator? ... See MoreSee Less


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Intercultural sensitivity

Communication :)

Dialogical skills 😍

Leadership, communication, problem solving and social and emotional intelligence.

Communication and ocial and emotional intelligence :)

Communication, leadership, emotional intelligence and problem solving (also negotiation and conflict resolution). 😊

Active listening

inclusiveness, influence, communication, execution and results, active listening, openess.

Leadership, communication, inclusion

communication, responsiveness to learners' needs.

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4 weeks ago


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