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Research permit
Man in front of a locker
Man in front of a locker.

Research permit

Do you need a research permit?

A research permit is required for all research, development projects and theses that are targeted at the staff or students at HAMK (e.g. surveys).

Applying for a research permit

HAMK’s research permit application form can be found at the bottom of the page. The application must make clear the researcher’s name, the title of the research, the research goals and the research problems addressed, the schedule and HAMK’s role in the research. In addition to the application, include an approved research, thesis or project plan.

Processing of applications in HAMK

When your application is received by HAMK, it is first checked and then sent for assessment by the Dean who covers the research topic in question. It is a good idea to reserve a sufficient amount of time for this process. The decision will be made by the Finance and Administration Director or the Dean.

HAMK always carefully considers in each case whether or not information relating to students and personnel should be given for use by researchers. If you do receive permission to use personal data, make sure to comply with the relevant legislation and obligations (Act on the Openness of Government Activities 621/1999, section 24, 21). The researcher commits to destroying the personal data.

Charges for research permits

There is a charge for the provision of personal data. HAMK charges €70/hr (+VAT) for the gathering, compiling, and delivery of the data. The minimum charge is one hour, after which there is a charge for every half hour. Use the Yammer channel to avoid these costs.

Carrying out a survey

We recommend using the HAMK Yammer channel to distribute a permitted survey. HAMK students are advised to discuss the matter with their instructor. Research permit applicants from outside HAMK are instructed in the use of the Yammer channel alongside the application process.

Submitting a research permit application

Electronic research permit applications, along with accompanying attachments, are to be sent to the following address:


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION Act on the Openness of Government Activities (621/1999, Section 24, 21), Act on the Openess of Govenment Activities

HAMK Students / Theses

If the research permit application regarding your thesis includes confidential information, submit your application with appendices through HAMK’s secure email to If you are uncertain about encryption basics, talk to your instructions. Instructions for sending such a message are available here: ->

HAMK Personnel

If the research permit application regarding your RDI work includes confidential information, submit your application with appendices through HAMK’s secure email to (see instructions in the HAMK Students section).

Research permit applications external to HAMK

If your research permit application contains confidential information, submit your signed application and its attachments by mail to:

Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu, Pl. 230, 13101 Hämeenlinna. Mark the envelope with: “Application for a research permit”.

Research permit application (.dotx)