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For new degree students
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu

For new degree students

Welcome to HAMK!

At HAMK, studying is about doing and acting together. Every student, teacher, staff member and partner from the workplace has their own special role in this. A caring environment and a supportive community will enhance your learning.

Before starting your studies

  • Confirm your study place at
  • Pay the tuition fee (if required)
  • Register for the academic year
  • Apply for a residence permit (if needed)
  • Apply for accommodation (if needed)
  • Inform the degree programme about the date of your arrival as soon as you know it
  • Activate your user ID: You will receive an email once your student ID has been created. This ID gives you access to all HAMK’s student systems. You may activate your ID at around the middle of November for studies starting in January 2020 . You can activate the student ID with Finnish banking codes, a mobile ID or an ID card. If you don’t have a Finnish mobile ID, ID card or banking codes, you may activate the ID through self-service (without strong identification).
  • After activating your student ID, you can start your studies with Starter Kit of Digital Skills, that will help you to start using online tools, equipment, environment and methods used in higher education studies. Get familiar with the content and instructions of the Starter Kit. The enrolment key for Starter Kit in Moodle is ”digistarter”.
  • Get familiar with the student union HAMKO

You can find the instructions for confirming your study place and registering for the academic year as well as information about starting your studies from the following tabs on this page. In case you do not find the answer to your questions from this website, please do not hesitate to contact your degree programme’s student affairs secretary or HAMK’s Admission Services.

Confirming a study place

After you have been admitted to a degree programme, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. You must confirm the study place before the deadline that is given in the acceptance letter.

Confirm your study place electronically through the link provided in the email notification. If you have a Finnish ID number and online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card you can confirm the study place by logging in at the My Studyinfo -service. If you are for some reason not able to confirm your study place electronically, please contact the Admission Services of HAMK.

Make sure that you make the confirmation on time. Otherwise you will lose the study place offered to you. Once you have confirmed your study place it is binding and irrevocable and cannot be altered.

Please notice that if you accept the study place you cannot later accept any other study places leading to a higher education degree in Finland if the studies begin in spring 2020.

One study place per term provision

You may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland in education that begins in the same academic term. This rule applies to all higher education. Higher education degrees included in the provision are:

  • Bachelor degrees and Master degrees awarded by Finnish universities of applied sciences
  • Bachelor degrees and Master degrees awarded by Finnish universities
  • Licentiate and Doctoral degrees awarded by Finnish universities

The provision applies to higher education regardless of how the studies are provided. For example, if you accept a study place offered to you through HAMK’s direct application, you cannot later accept a study place from the joint application to higher education if the studies begin in spring 2020.

Only exceptions to the provision are:

  • Transfer student selections
  • the Åland University of Applied Sciences
  • the Police University College of Finland

The provision is also not applied to studies at foreign higher education institutions.

The academic term (1.8.−31.12. or 1.1.−31.7) is the set framework for implementation. The provision does not prevent acceptance of a place in another degree programme during another academic term. Even if you postpone the commencement of your studies, or interrupt your studies, you cannot accept another study place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term.

Registering for the academic year

You need to register for the spring semester 2020 electronically through the link that was provided to you in the email notification.

Please notice: If you are required to pay tuition fees for your studies, you are not able to register for the semester electronically before you have paid the tuition fee for the spring semester 2020. In that case, you should make the registration as soon as you have paid the tuition fee.

Also if you confirmed your study place conditionally and remain on the waiting list for reserve places you are not yet able to register for the academic year. You should make the registration as soon as you are no longer remaining on the waiting list for reserve places.

Registering as non-attending

You can register as absent with the enrollment form but you must prove the legal grounds for your absence. According to the Polytechnics Act, a first year student may register as non-attending for the academic year for the following reasons only:

  • Military service, non-military service or women’s voluntary military service
    Documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence: Call-up order
  • Maternity, paternity or parental leave
    Documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence:

    • Kela’s certificate regarding maternity, paternity or parental allowance period or, if the certificate has not yet been received, a medical certificate regarding the pregnancy
    • Corresponding certificates from the authorities of other countries regarding statutory parental leave
  • Personal illness or injury
    Documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence:

    • Sickness allowance decision or, if no decision exists, a medical certificate. The medical certificate must state which illness or injury the student suffers from, and that this condition prevents the student from beginning their studies on 1 January 2020.
    • Obstacles caused by the practical arrangements required by the illness or injury: an adequate clarification, e.g. a certificate from the student housing foundation that the student is on the waiting list for an apartment required by his or her injury. The student’s own notification is not an adequate clarification.

Documents proving the legal grounds for your absence must be submitted to the Admission Services of HAMK by 31 December 2019 at the latest. The documents must be submitted in Finnish, Swedish or English.

If the legal grounds for your absence apply only to the second academic term (e.g. military service or maternity leave beginning in January), you may register as non-attending for the entire academic year if you wish. You may also change the status of your registration for the spring term from ‘attending’ to ‘non-attending’ during the spring term registration period.

If you register as ‘non-attending’ in your first academic year, but fail to deliver sufficient clarification regarding the grounds for your absence, you will lose your right to study. If you wish to begin your studies at a later time, you must apply for readmission. Readmission does not require participation in the student admissions procedure.

Original certificates

Bring along your original certificates, your passport/identity card and residence permit card with you on the first day of your studies. The original certificates will be checked during the first two weeks of study. If you do not bring along the original certificates by the date given, your study place will be cancelled.

If you have enrolled as ‘non-attending’, your original documents will be checked when you start your studies.

On the first day

The first thing that you should do when you arrive to the campus for the first time is to visit the local Student Affairs Office. Please take there with you:

  • identity card or passport
  • original school certificates and official translations of the certificates in Finnish/Swedish/English

The student affairs secretary will check the documents and register your arrival. 

Degree Programme in Bioeconomy Engineering

Degree Programme in Computer Applications

Degree Programme in Construction Engineering

  • Studies start on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 at 9:00 am at Visamäentie 35 B, 13100 Hämeenlinna
  • New students will be contacted by HAMK tutors during the summer
  • For any information regarding studies or arrival in Hämeenlinna, please contact your own tutor student or Construction Engineering Summer Assistant Vinh Vuong, tel. +358 50 477 5071
  • In addition, please fill in a short questionnaire for new students

Degree Programme in Electrical and Automation Engineering

Degree Programme in International Business

  • Full-time studies: Studies start on Monday, 26 August 2019 at 8:15 am at Lotilantie 16, 37630 Valkeakoski
  • Part-time studies: Studies start on Friday, 6 Sept 2019 at 3:45 pm at Lotilantie 16, 37630 Valkeakoski

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

Master’s Degree Programme in Business Management and Entrepreneurship