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Freezing Week 2022

Welcome to Freezing Week 2022! This year, we will offer a online event, so you will be able to join us from anywhere you like! And free of charge of course.

The topic of the Freezing Week 2022 is Sustainable Business Transformation. We are super-excited to share that the event will revolve around the critical topic of sustainability and how it creates business value.

We want to take advantage of the expertise and learnings from the Nordics, well known for its effort in sustainability, and during the Freezing Week in February, we will open the stage to experts, researchers, industry practitioners, and business cases so our academic communities can bring the issue to the vanguard and relevance it deserves.

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Ms. Riikka Kekäläinen-Alkio
Project Manager
+358 40 751 4051

See our keynote and guest lecture speakers below. Just slide over them with your mouse or click on their pictures if you are on a mobile device.

Freezing Research Seminar 2022

Please join the Freezing Research Seminar online for presentations from different parts of Europe on a variety of themes. This is an interactive event with the Chairs Dr. Mikko Mäntyneva and Dr. Helena Turunen on Wednesday, 9 February 2022.

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Freezing Research Seminar Schedule

Please note that the times below are given in local Finnish time (UTC+2).

13:00 – 13:10 Welcome to the Freezing Research Seminar 2021, Dr. Mikko Mäntyneva ​

13:10 – 13:30 Does it pay off? Tool-supported profitability analysis of alternative drive technologies, Stefan Bongard (Ludvigshafen University of Business and Society, Germany)

13.30 – 13.50 Validation of aFramework for BiasIdentification and Mitigation in Algorithmic Systems, Thea Gasser, Rémy Bohler,Eduard Klein (Bern University of Applied Sciences (BUAS), Switzerland) & Lasse Seppänen (Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

13.50 – 14:10 Ethical dilemmas in Digital Marketing – bibliometric analysis of ethics and sustainability in digital marketing, Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska (Cracow University of Economics, Poland)

Break​ 14:10 – 14:30

14:30 – 14:50 How to change the fashion business model – case study fashion startups from Poland, Agata Krząstek (Jagiellonian University Kraków, Poland)

14:50 – 15:10 Sustainable Visual Arts Entrepreneurship, Teresa Dieguez, Paula Loureiro & Isabel Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA), Portugal)

15:10 – 15:30 The role of Higher Education for sustainable transformation and leadership: a study on the perception of management students, Paula Loureiro, Teresa Dieguez & Isabel Ferreira (Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (IPCA), Portugal)

15:30 – 15:50 Creating Supplier Risk Analysis Tool for Case Company, Katja Nokkanen (Häme University of Applied Sciences, Finland)

15:50-16:10 W A L D, Arne Jäkel (University of Applied Sciences Zwickau, Germany)

You may download the programme here

Freezing Research Seminar 2022 programme

In the multidisciplinary student project 2022, you will be creating new ideas for transforming sustainability into successful business

Meet the Challenge!

Together with your peers, you will be thinking of how to increase the bottom line through sustainable business? The 2022 challenge of how to turn sustainability into euros will be provided by HAMK business partners for our multidisciplinary and multi-national student groups. Over 300 students representing various degree programsuniversities and nationalities, will get together to meet the challenge of new sustainable business ideas – the best of which will be awarded! 

Enjoy the Full Program from 8 to 11.2.2022

Starting from Tuesday 8.2, the full program extends from our inspiring team building to the intensive two days of team working with the challenge –culminating in the declaration of the winning teams in the finals.  

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

The project offers you an opportunity to work with a real-life challenge provided by HAMK business partners. You will be able to use your current skills and learn new ones from your peers and teachers. At the same time, you can improve your problem solving and team working skills, as well as build new international and multidisciplinary connections. Our business partners play an important and visible role in the project work, thus creating valuable future contacts. 

Additional information

Sari Lehtonen-Lammi
Senior Lecturer, HAMK
+358 45 116 5246

Lasse Seppänen
Principal Lecturer, HAMK
+358 36 466677

Keynote Speakers

Petteri Lillberg - "Why we need to stop talk about sustainability"

Petteri Lillberg (M.Phil, Cambridge) works with curious organisations and individuals helping them to leap forward while others still hesitate.  A senior consultant with Nordic think tank Demos Helsinki,  a turn-around CEO, business columnist and a trusted advisor to executive teams and boards, Petteri builds new mission-driven business in the carbon-free economy, unleashing the power of creativity and innovation, transformation and the pro-active role of businesses and entrepreneurs in solving the world’s biggest challenges.

Petteri´s keynote ” Why we need to stop talk about sustainability” challenges the notions of separate sustainability actions and slow evolution, and is a call for a new breed of companies to re-design and re-think how we live, what we consume and what we value.

Freezing Week presentation “Why we need to stop talk about sustainability” is live on Monday 7.2.2022 10:15-11:30 (UTC +2)
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Petteri Lillberg

Riikka Joukio - "Sustainable lifestyles for our customers"

Riikka Joukio, M.Sc. (Tech.), eMBA, is a member of Kesko’s Group Management Board and Executive Vice President in charge of Sustainability and Public Affairs. Riikka Joukio has acquired extensive work experience in global forest and packaging industries and in various business leader roles, for example in the field of sustainability, public affairs, and marketing, and has also teached at university level.  

At the moment, Riikka Joukio and her team at Kesko are working with sustainability throughout the whole value chain. How can we raise the level of sustainability from the production stage all the way to our customers’ everyday lives? 

 Freezing Week presentation “Sustainable lifestyles for our customers” is live on Monday, 7.2.2022 11:45-12:30 (UTC +2)
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Guest lectures

André M. Carvalho

André M. Carvalho currently works as Adjunct Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (Barcelos). His research interests focus on the areas of Quality Management and Organizational Performance. He has sought to identify how organizations can best adapt to respond to the challenges of the world around us, with emphasis on the digital transformation and the green transition. His research has been recognized and he has collected awards at an international level, with distinctions from organizations such as the Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society (IEOMS), International Academy for Quality (IAQ) and American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Title: Three pillars for a sustainable business transformations – a sociotechnical systems perspective

Freezing Week presentation “Three pillars for a sustainable business transformations – a sociotechnical systems perspective” is live on Monday 7.2.2022 15:00-16:00 (UTC +2)
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Prof. Dr. Martin Wenke - "Utopia: De-growth, sufficiency and the Doughnut model"

Studies of Economics with specialization in International Economics, Econometrics and Statistics, then several years member of one of the German big5 economic research institutes (RWI Essen), responsible for econometric modelling and forecasts, structural and environmental economic research. Parallel PhD with the topic Environmental Policy and Structural Change. 

Then 3 years Prof. for Business Mathematics and Statistics (Westphalian University of Appl. Sciences) and since 1997 Prof. for Economics, Environmental Economics and Ethics at Niederrhein University of Appl. Sciences/Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. 3 years Vice-Dean and 7 years Dean of the faculty. Now head of programme Master in International Management. Lecturing responsibilities: Macroeconomics, Business Economics, Business Ethics and Environmental Economics. Currently organizer of 3 COIL modules (BA/MA) with international partners about CSR. 

Practical research/project collaboration with national/international institutions and businesses, during the last years concentrating on SD/CSR strategies. 

Title: Utopia: De-growth, sufficiency and the Doughnut model 

Scientific studies on the expected consequences of climate change have been available for decades. Nevertheless, catastrophic “weather events” such as those in the summer of 2021 in Germany and Europe indicate the totally insufficient efforts made to prevent for the most terrible outcomes of global warming. In connection with the concept of Sustainable Development (SD), 3 societal strategies are proposed for this purpose:

– Efficiency: the resource input or the output of climate-damaging emissions should be reduced in comparison with production and consumption.

– Consistency: only those substances should be used that can be returned to natural cycles without causing environmental or climate damage.

– Sufficiency: effective reduction of all harmful inputs to a level that is sustainable for the ecological environment or even to zero (e.g. net-zero carbon economy).

Societies, especially governments and businesses in industrialized countries, up to now concentrate on efficiency and consistency strategies. The outcome of those strategies unfortunately is more stabilization or an insufficient decline in growth rates of related emissions, but not an effective, significant absolute reduction in pollution at all.

The guest lecture will summarize the findings of Rees (2021) for the macroeconomic level and explain his recommendations based on the Doughnut model (Raworth 2017) . The necessary strategies caring for planetary boundaries and social foundation will be discussed with the audience.

Freezing Week presentation “De-growth, sufficiency and the Doughnut model” is live on Tuesday 8.2.2022 09:15-10:15 (UTC +2)
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Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska

PhD in Economics & Master of Psychology working as an Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing, College of Management Sciences and Quality, Cracow University of Economics (Poland). Scientific interests: online marketing communication, psychology of consumer behaviour, advertising. She is the author of over 50 articles and  monographs, including “The role of social networking in brand marketing Communications”.  Katarzyna is a member of the American Marketing Association,  International Association of Researchers and Scientists in Latvia, Polish Scientific Marketing Association and the Spokespersons for Science Association.

Title: Sustainable digital marketing and the interests of enterprises – do ethical marketing exist online?

The main goal of the lecture is to define the boundaries of ethics of digital marketing, explaining the meaning of the information asymmetry and the moral hazard in the online environment. Are consumers aware of what happens with their data? How does AI affect their online behavior? Is it possible to set up market regulations that will limit these predatory tools? And is there any chance that sustainable digital marketing will exist?

Freezing Week presentation “Sustainable digital marketing and the interests of enterprises – do ethical marketing exist online?” is live on Tuesday 8.2.2022 10:40-11:20 (UTC +2)
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Guest lecture Katarzyna Sanak-Kosmowska