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Entrepreneurship and business

HAMK's School of Entrepreneurship and Business (HSEB)

HAMK’s School of Entrepreneurship and Business (HSEB) provides training programs for higher education and high school teachers. In the moment, HSEB offer Amazing Business Train journeys for teachers.

HAMK’s School of Entrepreneurship and Business (HSEB) is specialized in new innovative ways to teach entrepreneurship. Our strengths are strong internationalization, real work-related projects, all-round digitalization and pedagogically highly-qualified lecturers.​​


Amazing Business Train provides an innovative way to learn entrepreneurship while travelling by train. This consulting program is targeted especially for entrepreneurship teachers.

What is this about?

Business development studies during an entrepreneurial train offer a moving and intensive practical learning experience to all students. Trip starts from Hämeenlinna railway station and passes trough Finland to Oulu. During the trip the focus on is on team work in groups of diverse methods instead of landscapes.

How do we study?

Business development studies – Amazing Business Train offer a practical, empirical, communal and supervised learning experience in developing business functions. During these studies students develop either already thought business ideas further or start brainstorming ideas at the train. During the trip students can create their own networks and use different development tools in practice.​ Entrepreneurship teachers work as coaches during ABT.​​

After participating Amazing Business Train in Finland as a coach, teachers will be able to implement the same experience in their own university.

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