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Kaksi henkilöä ja katsovat ulos kuvasta oikealle ja hymyilevät. Toisella on tietokone sylissä ja he istuvat sohvalla.
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International Business

Field of studies

  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship and Business
  • Marketing

Degree title

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Registration periods

  • Direct Application 2024, Bachelor's
  • Finnish Joint Application 2024

Teaching language

  • English

Type of education

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Academic level

  • Bachelor Level Studies - EQF 6


  • Valkeakoski

Teaching formats

  • Contact Lessons
  • Multiform Learning

Add sustainable and data-driven decision making to your superpowers!

Global and evolving business world needs professionals with international and cross-cultural competences. Study with people from all over the world in our highly popular International Business degree programme and get the analytical, marketing and business development skills to shape the sustainable future.


You learn critical and analytical thinking and how to utilise data in business decisions with a sustainable point of view. Combined with digital marketing and content creating skills, leadership skills and cross-cultural communication you get a strong base for your international business career. 

Qualification provided by education

As a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), you will be a sustainable, data–driven and entrepreneurial professional who can plan, organise and manage international business operations for example in the fields of digital marketing, international sales or human resources.

Structure of studies

In our International Business degree programme, you learn through real-life cases. You develop both your analytical and business skills by learning how to best use data for example in marketing and business information management. You get to combine business theories with data-driven decision making.  

You learn to consider sustainability and how to bring environmental consciousness into business. The starting point of your sustainability studies will be UN Sustainable Development Goals which will guide the innovation and business planning processes. 

With us you learn effective marketing in practise and get to create content such as videos and podcasts in an actual studio environment. You will also get a practical approach to project management through real life projects. We encourage entrepreneurial mindset and provide skills you need to run your own business.  

Part-time studies 

In International Business part-time studies, you will study completely online. We organise teaching sessions online on weekday evenings. Part-time studies are perfect option for you if you are for example already in the working life.

Specialization options

You will shape the direction of your future career by choosing studies based on your interests. Your options include subjects like esports management, global fashion business and human resource management. You can explore European business environment and get insights how to do business in China. 

Your studies include work placement and a thesis. In your work placement you have an opportunity to practise in real-life working environments in companies. In your thesis you research a subject that interests you in analytical and solution-oriented way, often for a company in your own field.  

Apply to Study!

Direct Application to HAMK continues- March 22-31, 2024 at 3pm (UTC +3)

  • Application begins: Nov. 1, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application was put on halt: Dec. 22, 2023 at 03:00 PM UTC+2
  • Application continues: Mar. 22, 2024 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application ends: Mar. 31, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC+3
  • Studies Begin: Autumn 2024

Please notice that part-time studies are conducted completely online, and does not require your presence in the campus. Therefore, the students from non-EU countries are not eligible for study based residence permit in Finland.

  • Application begins: Nov. 1, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application was put on halt: Dec. 22, 2023 at 03:00 PM UTC+2
  • Application continues: Mar. 22, 2024 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application ends: Mar. 31, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC+3
  • Studies Begin: Autumn 2024

Other Admission Methods

  • Studies Begin: Spring 2024
  • Places of Studies: 2
  • Application Begins: Dec. 1, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application ends: May. 31, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC+3
  • Prior education: Studies at the Open university of applied sciences

  • Studies Begin: Autumn 2024
  • Places of Studies: 2
  • Application Begins: Nov. 1, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application ends: Nov. 15, 2023 at 03:00 PM UTC+2
  • Prior education: University of applied sciences Bachelor’s degree

  • Studies Begin: Spring 2024
  • Places of Studies: 1
  • Application Begins: Dec. 1, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2
  • Application ends: May. 31, 2024 at 03:00 PM UTC+3
  • Prior education: Discretionary admissions or dispensation

For Students living in Finland

Study Paths – Open Studies Leading to a Degree

In our Study Paths, you will complete studies that are part of a degree program as a student of the Open University of Applied Sciences, alongside degree students. Once you have completed the required amount of studies with the necessary grades, you can apply to become a degree student and continue your studies to completion as usual. Check more information:

Students outside of Finland: As Open University Studies are not leading to a degree it is not possible to get a residence permit only for that purpose.

3 reasons to study in International Business!

 Learn current and valuable business skills such as sustainable and data-driven decision making

Get to enjoy our truly international study atmosphere at HAMK Valkeakoski campus

Studies offer you many different opportunities and paths for your future career

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See what is it like to study with us and get to know our every day life:

Studying in Finland

Finland is a great place to study! Here are some information for international applicants:

Study Methods

Full-time Studies, Contact Lessons

You will study each day between the hours of 8-16, mostly on campus, and you will accumulate credits on a weekly basis. We will give you guidance and support throughout the study period, and you will work together in teams/groups that will simulate the workplace environment.

Full-time studies as contact lessons are part of HAMK’s Studymode 8-16. You can read more about our approach to studying here:

Part-time Studies,
Online Learning

You will have contact lessons one to three times per week in the evening or late afternoon times. The teaching days are usually Tuesday-Thursday. Our teaching method will be close to flipped class room so that you are able to combine your daily work into given assignments. The study method requires independence as well as the capability of working in teams.

Part-time studies as Online Learning are part of HAMK’s Studymode 18-100, which is targeted for learners of all ages. You can read more about our approach to studying here:


As a student of International Business programme, your home campus is Valkeakoski Campus.

Valkeakosken kampuksen etuala, valkoinen iso rakennnus, edessä vihreitä istutuksia.

Valkeakoski Campus

A genuinely international learning environment can be found in Valkeakoski! Our campus located in the South Pirkanmaa region is modern and community-oriented. Within the campus corridors, you’ll encounter classmates from around the world as the educational offerings include both international, English-taught programs and Finnish-taught programs.

The study environment is comfortable, offering various spaces for both teaching and independent work. Additionally, at the Valkeakoski campus, there are facilities like the HAMK Gaming Lab for students’ gaming activities and a studio for video production.

Studies tailored to you

Your degree consists of 210 credits and includes four core elements:

The core competence studies, or core competence modules as we call those, form the foundation of your degree and professional skills. These studies are designed to support your development as a professional in your field and provide a solid groundwork for future elective studies.

You learn basic business competences and essential topics such as marketing, economics, legal environment, and research methods. Also, you discover the concepts of sustainability and managerial processes in a global context.

Work placement is part of the core competence studies.

Part of your degree consists of profiling competence modules, enabling you to build expertise in your chosen direction according to your own goals. These studies offer opportunities to broaden, deepen, and enhance professional skills and personal development.

In International Business, you will shape the direction of your future career by choosing studies based on your interests. You can follow your own path by choosing at least two of the various modules that our degree programme has on offer. Moreover, it is possible to modify your degree based on your own interests, and take 15 cr optional studies from some of HAMK’s other degree programmes. Also, you have the opportunity to take courses from other higher education institutions in Finland and from our partner universities abroad.

The purpose of the work placement is that you to gain work experience and to earn how to apply knowledge and skills in certain field. The aim is to promote your career development and to improve job prospects. 30 credits work placement in practice means 5 months full-time work. One week full time work accounts for 1,5 credits. You will complete the work placement included in your degree during the course of your studies, as supervised work placement in Finland, abroad or in your own companies. You can also do the work placement during the summer.

Your thesis is a development or research project you work on towards the end of your studies. It helps you get better at what you’ve learned and shows how you can use that knowledge. It’s worth 15 credits, and you get to pick a topic that interests you and fits your career plans. It aims at solving problems emerging from the workplace. We encourage you to choose a real problem to solve from a company, to put your skills into practice and create new solutions for your industry.

As a student at HAMK, you can tailor your degree to suit you. You have the option to choose various studies from us and around the world, and complete the required studies in different ways.

Explore more about the content of the program and learn about planning your studies at HAMK:

Innovative study options that we offer

At HAMK, we develop new, innovative ways of study. Our goal is to provide you with versatile expertise that you can develop in various directions. We hope to inspire you to try something completely new!

Kaksi opiskelijaa vierekkäin pöydän ääressä
Entrepreneurial university

Entrepreneurship is about recognizing opportunities, innovation capability, and the ability to create something new. In an entrepreneurial university, learning happens through collaboration and experimentation!

Design Factory

Design Factory is an operational and learning environment that brings together businesses, students, teachers, and researchers. Join projects where you develop new solutions together with students from various fields!

RUN EU -studies

HAMK is part of the RUN-Europe University, comprised of nine European universities. You can leverage the fantastic opportunities provided by RUN Europe University for accumulating international study experiences!

Exchange Studies

Exchange studies are a unique opportunity to explore the world. We encourage all our students to seize the chance and go abroad for an exchange. Will you go too?

Vaaleahiuksinen henkilö valkoisessa paidassa
HAMK’s Study Selection

We offer you a wide range of studies that you can choose as part of your degree. You can also select modules from other degrees at HAMK. Or why not utilize the expertise you’ve gained previously, for example, from scouting!

Opiskelija seisoo aulassa kannettava tietokone kainalossaan ja katsoo suoraan kameraan.
Cross-Institutional Studies

As a student at HAMK, you have the opportunity to take courses at other universities as well! It’s called cross-institutional studying, aiming to allow you to study comprehensive units that support your own goals.

Frequently asked questions

From here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about International Business programme!

We require B2 level English: You need to be able to communicate easily and effectively in English and take the initiative to speak. You need to understand the main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics. You also need to be able to produce clear, detailed text on a wide range of subjects and explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options. If you can understand and speak basic English, you will manage. 

You have the opportunity to do a half or full year exchange during your second or third year of study in one of our many partner universities throughout the world! We also offer you the chance to do a double degree during your third year of study in one of our wonderful partner universities in Europe.

Also, we will offer you a possibility to do your work placement abroad. If you prefer a shorter international experience, we offer a wide range of intensive weeks and programmes with our partner universities. 

HAMK is also part of the RUN-EU network which offers our students interesting opportunities to go international.  

Want to ask more?

If you want to ask more about the content of the programme, please contact:

If you need more information about applying to this programme, please visit here:

Graduate faster?

Are you already familiar with the field by previous higher education studies and have gained expertise through work? For students who are intepended learnerns and have great studying skills, we offer opportunities alongside traditional degree studies that allow you to accelerate your degree progress.

24 / 7 – Fast tract for studies

Read more about HAMK’s 24/7 -study mode:

Looking for something else?

Choosing the right education for yourself can sometimes be challenging, especially when there are plenty of good options available! We’ve gathered a few more alternatives in the same field for you, in case you’re interested in exploring our other programs as well. You can find our entire range through the search tool: