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Evo offers first-rate forestry know-how

Evo was founded in 1862 and was the first forest school in Finland. Evo is a unit of HAMK that is specialised in first-rate forestry know-how.

The Evo Campus is situated in the village of Iso-Evo in the Lammi area. Lammi is a rural district and part of the city of Hämeenlinna, northwest from Lahti, and the closest place with a post office, banks and shops. ​There are about 1850 hectares of forests available for teaching and research purposes at Evo.

Evo was founded in 1862 and was the first forest school in Finland. One of the founders was the famous A.G. Blomqvist, also called the father of Finnish forestry. The principal task of the school was to educate forest officers in the service of Finnish forestry, but some members of the teaching staff were also able to initiate forest research. Nowadays, many things are based on the history and traditions, and the past is visible in the surroundings, too. The school building and the surrounding buildings are a mixture of old and new.

Lammi area has a long history

Lammi was mentioned for the first time in documents in 1374. It has been known for its flax cultivation and traditional Finnish rural beer (‘sahti’) manufacturing for centuries. Lammi actually has a linen and sahti museum, a linen centre as well as a linen shop. Nowadays Lammi is also known for its cheese production, jellies and flowers. There are educational centres in Lammi, the oldest is the HAMK’s Evo Campus. Also the Biologic Research Centre of Helsinki University is situated in the municipality area.

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Air view from Evo campus

Filming: Matias Sahinoja and Aleksi Ritakallio, Sustainable Development DP (YSKENU14A2).​