Lepaa - Häme University of applied sciences
Lepaan puutarhaa
Lepaa campus


Lepaa Campus

Lepaa is located in the town of Hattula, by the Lake Vanajavesi, 17 km from Hämeenlinna and 120 km from Helsinki. Most services and leisure time activities are found either in Hämeenlinna or in Parola (7 km from Lepaa).

Lepaa is the oldest and most prestigious institute where you can study horticulture in Finland. There are around 400 students studying at the campus and the number of staff is 37.

You travel to Lepaa via Hämeenlinna. There are 7-8 local bus connections (bus numbers 620, 621, 622) from Hämeenlinna to Lepaa during weekdays and 2 on Saturdays. You can find the timetables from https://reittiopas.hameenlinna.fi/

Bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport to Hämeenlinna

The bus connection from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport to Hämeenlinna is the easiest way to get to Hämeenlinna. From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport there are several bus connections daily to Hämeenlinna. The cost is around €18. Express buses to Hämeenlinna depart right outside Terminals 1 and 2. The ticket can be purchased from the bus driver. Please note that you may have to change buses in Keimolanportti Service Station, about 10 minutes drive from the airport. It is best to consult the driver about the possible change. For more information about the bus schedules and other information, please visit www.matkahuolto.fi/en.

Trains from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Hämeenlinna

There is a train connection from Helsinki airport to Hämeenlinna, with a change in Tikkurila train station. The train station entrance at the airport is located at the airport, in between terminals 1 and 2. The journey takes about 1.5 hours (depending of the changing time in Tikkurila), and costs from €8 to €30, depending on the type of train. The seat ticket is included in the train ticket. Please check the timetables from the web site of Valtionrautatiet (VR, Finnish railways, www.vr.fi/en). You need to buy train tickets beforehand, as those at not sold in the trains.

Bus Connection from Tampere to Hämeenlinna

You can take a bus from Tampere city centre to Hämeenlinna (you can find the timetables here: www.matkahuolto.fi/en).

Trains from Tampere to Hämeenlinna

If you want to take a train from Tampere to Hämeenlinna, you have to walk to the train station from the Tampere central bus station (it takes about 15 minutes on foot). You can find the train timetables from this website: www.vr.fi/en (use the timetable search on the front page). Search for: From: “Tampere” To: “Hämeenlinna”. You need to buy train tickets beforehand, as those at not sold in the trains. There is also a ticket machine at the station.

Lepaa campus
Lepaantie 129
14610 Lepaa

Air view of Lepaa campus

Filming: Matias Sahinoja and Aleksi Ritakallio, Sustainable Development DP (YSKENU14A2).