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Accessibility of communications

Strategic communications at HAMK promote the accessibility of HAMK communications both in technical terms on the website and in terms of content.

This plan covers the materials and websites produced by strategic communications as well as support for content produced by others. We want everyone who comes in contact with HAMK to have access to the content we produce.

Accessibility goals and criteria for HAMK communications

Accessibility is an overarching factor when planning and implementing HAMK’s strategic communications. The aim is that content such as the website, presentation templates, advertisements, social media updates, brochures and publications are always in an accessible format (WCAG 2.1, level AA). Accessibility is also a content-wise factor: the goal is to produce content that is easy to read, with good and accessible language. We support the entire organisation in producing accessible communication solutions and content through guidelines, education and individual advice.

Accessibility is taken into account in all the procurements and competitive tendering for strategic communications. For example, with the upcoming HAMK website overhaul in 2023, the accessibility of the website is an essential criterion. Accessibility competence and criteria are also important in other competitive tendering processes when seeking partners to produce communications solutions and content.

A central part of strategic communications’ accessibility efforts is the HAMK website, where we always aim to ensure digital accessibility. We are continuously improving the user experience and applying appropriate accessibility standards. We use Siteimprove and Contrast Checker for continuous development and monitoring. Our website also features the ReadSpeaker screen reader, which allows users to listen to text. Accessibility is a factor in the development of both the external website and the SharePoint intranet.

Our website offers information on accessibility and instructs users to contact strategic communications if they discover shortcomings in accessibility.

We also work to improve accessibility in cooperation with the other parts of HAMK. We offer support for different schools and project communications with tools and services, including an accessible website template, support for writing guidelines and producing communications content, and help with signage for facilities management and services.


  • Our communications are on multiple channels and accessible with various assistive devices.
  • The channels and means of communication meet accessibility requirements.
  • Staff has clear communications guidelines that take accessibility into account (e.g. visual guidelines, website update instructions).
  • Guidelines and training are used to maintain accessibility competence among strategic communications staff and everyone else at HAMK.
  • Online content is easily usable, visually accessible and linguistically clear and understandable.
  • Core communications are available in both Finnish and English.


The Head of Strategic Communications is responsible for the accessibility of strategic communications. Within the team, the webmaster is responsible for the accessibility of the website and the marketing specialist is responsible for the accessibility of content. The persons who are responsible for the accessibility of strategic communications monitor the realisation of accessibility regularly and update the accessibility plan as necessary.

The aim is that each member of the strategic communications team understands and internalises the basics of accessibility so that they can implement accessibility in their own work and guide other staff memebers at the basic level. Internal training is organised regularly to ensure this aim is achieved.

Objectives for 2023

HAMK is doing a website overhaul in 2023. A central objective is to ensure the realisation of accessibility in this overhaul. Accessibility is taken into account in the partner tendering process and throughout the development processes. The aim is that, after the overhaul, we will have an accessible website and visual identity with clear language and brand guidelines to guide everyone at HAMK in producing accessible materials and contents.

The aim is also to create an operating model where accessibility is integrated into regular strategic communications training for staff.

The persons responsible for accessibility in the team will review the plan at least annually to see if it needs to be updated.

In addition, we will pay attention to adding more communications content in English, especially in connection with the website overhaul, but also in other internal and external communications.

Individual development targets for 2023 include increasing video subtitling, which will be promoted with tools and instructions, and promoting the accessibility of files uploaded to the website with the help of more detailed instructions.